Monday, February 11, 2013

La Mia Boutique 02/2013

Hello, guys!
Long time no see, huh? My life has been a bit messy lately and I've neglected the blog, but I'm back!

And speaking of disappearances, La Mia Boutique is back after 3 months. I didn't really understand why they were gone for so long, they were very vague on their Facebook page. The most reliable explanation is that they moved and they released a new magazine, I guess.

Anyway, in the editorial at the beginning of this issue (which I actually took the time to read, hoping to find some clarity), the editor in chief says they're back with a lot of changes: a new, young stylist, new graphics (which I totally hadn't noticed), new columns (on fashion, makeup... does anyone read those?) and they chose to give the magazine a more modern edge.

Now, this is all I wished for a change in this magazine for a long while, and I was very excited after reading this editorial.
But then I started flipping through the magazine and I started to be more and more horrified and disappointed with every page.

Is this their idea of modernization? This stuff comes straight out of a catalogue from the 90s.
A cheap, badly styled catalogue.

Their new stylist defaults to harsh hair and heavy makeup, super clunky, cheap-looking jewelry and  generally matronly looking outfits just like his predecessor, so has anything really changed?

Moving on, we have weird proportions and a tacky dress made in the most dated fabric they could find.

Have I already said clunky jewelry, tacky dress and harsh makeup?
I'm all about back cut-outs, but this is exactly how to make them look vulgar.

This issue is not all bad (patterns-wise), but after the promises they made on Facebook for two months and in the editorial at the beginning of this issue, the quality of their product is just not keeping up.

And to confuse things even more, they started publishing another sewing magazine called "Di Tutto Boutique", which, from what I gathered, is more focused on pattern for knits.
I'll see if I can find a copy to review, but after this, I don't have high hopes...


  1. If I didn't know any better I'd say that this was an old issue from a couple of decades back! And yay, welcome back! I have missed your posts! :)

  2. I agree, this seems very dated. I am not familiar with this company (being from the U.S.), but there are so many other patterns I would choose before these simply because of the catalogue! The fabrics, styling, accessorizing, hair, and makeup are all wrong. Out of the fourteen patterns you shared, only two of them seem worth making. It's a shame because a few of these patterns could be adapted to seem much more fresh and modern.

  3. Yikes! 100% agreement with you on this one.

  4. Ugh, this is a terrible issue. It really looks like they just pulled out some old photos from the 90s.

  5. Welcome back. This issue does look pretty bad. Quite disappointing after all the promises!

  6. I like some of them but on drawings, not on pictures%)

  7. Oh my! Sounds like this organisation is struggling with serious internal problems and lack of leadership.

  8. hahahaha XD I read your first paragraph, scrolled to the hippie skirt and just started laughing because I knew what was coming next XD Ahahaha.. hilarious. They have 'gone burdastyle' (i.e. aiming for 'beginners' + lowest common denominator'. I mean burdastyle is only recovering now after what-3 years of sacks and squares? Bad tidings + low expectations for the future XD Seriously though, looks like a couple of good things in there, just done in strange, weird fabric for some reason. Chin up. Maybe next month..

  9. hahahaha XD I was imagining you riding your scooter away from that stuff screaming..

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  11. Horrific! The styling of the models, the photography and the actual patterns are so dated! Like you and Janey said, this honestly looks like a copy of a magazine from the late 90's!!! But on a happier note - nice to see you back (your break wasn't quite as long as mine mind you....5 months...whoops! lol)!

  12. Shudder... time to fire the new stylist (poor fellow...or lady...) and maybe fire the pattern designer too? Just fire them all!!

  13. Thank you!

    On the cover, they even dared writing "Stile italiano" above the title... If that's Italian style, I'm ready to move out of the country.

  14. Yes! Some of them are actually not bad patterns at all, but the presentation is so terrible.

  15. I agree completely. They wrote this issue was a collaboration with designer Chiara Boni of La Petite Robe, but it looks like they flushed all the sophistication of a decent brand down the toilet.

  16. Betty JOrdan WesterFebruary 13, 2013 at 1:50 AM

    wow, these are hideous. The short jackets with the long skirts? No, no, no. Too bad. I thought a lot of the past styling was cute :/

  17. Some of the patterns are ok (or would be if made up in different fabric) but I think I'd be peeved too if I'd bought this.

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