Sureau Sew-along

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Sureau Sew-along

Starting out 
      ✄  Tracing the pattern
      ✄  Sewing the muslin

Adjusting the pattern 

      ✄ Attaching the Sleeves
      ✄ Adding a collar
      ✄ Sleeveless variation
      ✄ How to line the dress

      ✄ Sew-along wrap up

See more Sureau dresses in the Flickr group.
Follow the sew-along in French here.


  1. Happy New Year,
    I am spending the day enjoying sewing blogs and bogged onto yours,lovely btw.
    I enjoy sewing clothing for myself and husband. When I saw & read the post about Deer&Doe I fell....In love. The dress is not only stunning but it is ME! I could and would wear a dress like that everyday, well you know what I mean.
    The website for the pattern/product appears to be in french which I'm not, even a little, familiar with. Is it available in English or does your sew- a-long translate? I have also never participated in one, so how could I become a part it?
    I have enjoyed your blog and will make certain I visit often. Hope you hear back.
    Warmly yours,
    Lori Linton

    1. Hey, Lori! Welcome and thanks!
      You're in luck, the patterns and the site are available in English since yesterday.
      To be part of the sewalong, you can follow the posts listed above and upload photos of the process and of the finished garment in the Flickr group (also linked above).
      If you have a blog, you can share the button using the code you can see in this same page to let everyone know you took part in it :D

  2. Hi! I'm a bit late to the party, but I've just finished sewing my first Sureau dress and found your sew-along posts really helpful so just wanted to say thank you! I've blogged about making it here :-)