Saturday, December 12, 2015

Burdastyle Magazine 01/2016

Hey, guys!
I haven't written a Burdastyle review in SUCH a long time, and I've been thinking about it lately, so here I am!
It's also the first issue of 2016, so if I were looking for signs, that would be perfect. :)

As I said, it's been a very long time, and I haven't really followed the magazine in the meantime, to be honest.
Collecting material for this review, I didn't really expect for Burda to have changed much in the last year or so, and I wasn't wrong.

My personal taste also hasn't changed that much, although, as a pattern making student, my perception and knowledge regarding design has. I'm still no expert, but I can now see and understand things I just didn't.

So, let's begin, shall we?

Ok, let me start on a positive note, with a cute little dress.
I really like the pleated neckline and the overall silhouette, although I'm not a huge fan of the curved panel on the skirt. I can't figure out if it's functional for the drape, or if it's decorative, or what.

And this one... I'm not a huge fan of the sleeves (the position of the cuffs in particular), but I like the gathered shoulder yoke and I'll never not like a pussy bow. :)

I've always identified as a huge outerwear lover, and this coat is no exception.
I like the unusual collar and the pleat in the shoulder yoke, although I'd love to see the photos better (I guess you can see much better on the printed magazine). 

I kinda like the short version of this jacket (although it looks a bit boxy) and I think the longer one might have been cute, but cutting off the collar like that is just weird.

I wanted to include more pics from this photoshoot because there are two ADORABLE dogs, but these were are the only noteworthy patterns for me.
The jacket is extremely simple (but that also means versatile) and I really like the pants, although I'm not too sure about the waist treatment (bulky?).

At a first glance, this skirt reminded me of the Gabriola skirt by Sewaholic, but they're not very similar at all.
I hate the contrasting fabric they used here, other than that, like all long skirts, I like it a lot in photo and on other people, but I just can't seem to wear one. 

It's not a bad dress for beginners, but they totally lost me with the cowl in the back + a panel underneath.
I don't like it, and with the wrong fabric, that's a lot of bulk on your back (= unconfortable).

I really like this outfit. As far as I can like PJs or loungewear, which I'm not that passionate about.
But hey, these two have a few interesting elements and... style?, to make them kinda cute.


Now, a vintage pattern.
Not a fan of this one.
It looks so heavy for a dress... That center front placket just bugs me and so does that very high neckline.

As it's often the case, most of the plus-size section for this month is really classy and cute.
I LURVE this coat and I would make it immediately!
I don't know why, but I'm extremely drawn by peak lapels... It's a mistery.

The fabric choice is not the most fortunate (look at that hem!), but it's a cute, super simple pattern for beginners, with a couple design details (the neckline yoke and the sleeve slit) that make it a little different.

Mmh. This is where, again, I'm lost.
It looks pretty terrible on the model, that underbust panel thing-y is doing her no favors, nor does the diamond panel... I also wonder if the sleeves/wings are sewn to each other up to some point, otherwise she'll show her bra to everyone every time she moves her arms.

And of course, the beginning of the year, in Europe, means children costumes (Fasching/Carnival being in February), which are not bad at all this time.
Not incredibly trendy, though, so they might not be for the fussier little ones.

So, more than a year went by since I last looked at Burda, and pretty much nothing has changed (as I mentioned earlier).

It's still a magazine that, in exchange for a very affordable price, offers a large number of patterns, a few of those being cute or even beautiful, and a lot of them being either ugly, boring or not in your size range.
Might I remind that the patterns presented in a ridiculously complicated sheet, with no seam allowance included, scarce instructions and rare to nonexistent illustrations.
I don't think I need to add I still prefer indie designers by a lot, and it makes me a bit sad that Burda still doesn't show signs to want to change or (at least in Italy) open up to the sewing community (which is something I sadly experienced at a recent craft fair, where the Burdastyle Italia team was extremely dismissive and cold to indie designers, to the point of being rude).

For these reasons, I don't even know if it makes sense to keep writing these reviews, although I sincerely enjoy writing them just to have some fun and be a bitch, just as I would be chatting with friends.

What do you guys think?
Have you ever bought the magazine, or do you keep buying it?

[All images in this post come from here]