Saturday, June 30, 2012

The horror ... the horror

Do you remember I told you I liked a pattern from La Mia Boutique that was very unusual for my taste?
Well, I made a dress from it and it sucks.
TJ had warned me, but I went on anyway. Unfortunately, I also chose a TERRIBLE print for this dress (really, what was I thinking???) and the result is quite tragic.
I think I'll cut this dress shorter and then it'll go looking for a new home, because I can't stand to look at it.

But it's ok, mistakes are bound to happen once in a while, and as you can read in my post at the Sew Weekly, I'm still happy I went out of my comfort zone and tried something different. I also used shirring for the first time.

I'm working on something more promising for next week's challenge, so fingers crossed and happy weekend to you all!

Sunday, June 24, 2012

"Tutti Frutti" Cambie dress

If you follow me on Instagram (come join the fun!) or on Twitter, you might have seen a sneak peek of this dress already. And you know I'm a bit on the fence about this dress.
But let me provide some background.
I was very excited when the Cambie dress pattern by Sewaholic came out, in fact it was the first time I really really liked one of Tasia's patterns, so I purchased it immediately.
Once the pattern was in my hands, I started scouting my fabric stash, looking for a good match, and my eyes fell on this crazy cotton with fruit printed all over it. When my mother saw me cut a dress from it she warned me: "I made a lot of tablecloths from that fabric, someone is probably going to stop you in town and ask you if you stole their linens".

But, of course, that didn't stop me. Once I set my mind on something, it takes more than that to make me change idea.
So, now the dress is done and I still don't know what I think about it. On one side, I'm amazed by the fit: I cut a size 4 for the bodice, grading up to a size 8 in the hips, with NO ALTERATIONS whatsoever, not even an FBA (I was SO happy about this). I think it looks quite flattering on me; it was designed for a pear-shape, after all. It's also very summery and cheerful and a much needed addition of colour to my wardrobe.
On the other side, the word "tablecloth" keeps flashing in my mind like a neon sign...
What do you think, readers? I need your opinion!

Finally, just a word about the pattern: amazing! As I said, the fit is spot on for me, the cap sleeves are very flattering and the instructions were great! The pockets are brilliant, too.
The only thing I changed was to install a lapped zipper instead of an invisible one (how original, I know).
Now I really want to make another one either in view B (with a fuller, gathered skirt) or with a straight neckline (or both, why not).

Thursday, June 21, 2012

La Mia Boutique 07/2012

Are you curious?
After the huge disaster that was the last Burda (most of you guys were as outraged as I was), I was a bit afraid to open the July issue of La Mia Boutique, but what I found were just some cute patterns and some forgettable ones. Nothing earth-shattering, but still worth buying.
Let's dig in.

I kinda fell in love with this pattern. It might be because it's so hot here that I would only wear breezy, lightweight dresses, but I've already traced this pattern and cut the fabric.
Cross your fingers for me, because this is VERY different for me, so I hope I can make it work.
Also, I've despised the hi-lo hem trend for weeks and now I'm intrigued by it. Is it just the heat messing with my head?

After trying the Cambie dress (more on that soon), I like this sleeve shape a lot. In this case, the pleats add interest (although I don't like what they did with contrasting fabric). The rest of the dress is very elegant and flattering.

There are a few chiffon dresses with pleated panels in this issue and they are all gorgeous. Unfortunately, there aren't any shops in my area that pleat fabric permanently, although in this Italian sewing forum we're discussing about "traditional" techniques to pleat fabric at home. If something worth sharing comes out, I'll be sure to let you all know.

Although I'm a bit revolted at the idea of wearing long sleeves at the moment, I can appreciate this jacket. A modern take on a classic blazer, I love all the design details.

Finally, a very bad photo to show these two patterns, but if you look at the technical drawing (ALWAYS rely on the technical drawing!) they're really cute. Unfortunately for me, they're plus size.

As usual, if you're curious to see all the technical drawings of this issue, you can find them in the Flickr set.

Thursday, June 14, 2012

Burdastyle Magazine 07/2012

My growing disappointment with Burda went up quite a bit after seeing the preview of this month. Allow me to demonstrate:
Really? You call this a pattern?
What's even worse, is that there are two more patterns just like this one, consisting in two squares and a sash.

Wow, a keyhole right THERE? So very classy!
When I first saw these pants, I imagined them being on the catwalk of Project Runway with Michael Kors commenting on them. It was hilarious in my head.

Maybe not everyone agrees with me, but I find these three dresses truly hideous. They all have very weird proportions (especially the first one) and they all look like Franken-dresses, too busy and over-designed. I also wonder how they could look flattering on anyone.

Ok, now that the WTF show is over, I found a few interesting patterns as well, to be fair.

Firstly, two effortless tops with a gathered neckline. I especially like the capped sleeves of the second one and the contrasting trim of the first one. Also, that pink fabric is adorable.

A very cute dress that doesn't necessairly scream "summer" to me, but it would be perfect for weddings and formal events. The sleeves look very interesting.

A super flattering retro knit top that, unfortunately for me, is for plus-sizes only. Sigh. I'd say this pattern might be worth grading the pattern (or trying to recreate it with a basic block.)

Finally, the most adorable sailor-inspired baby outfits I've ever seen. I have been very inspired by nautical style lately (I still have this dress in my mind), so I'd love a grown-up version of these two.
How cute are they?

Friday, June 8, 2012

A few things

I have a few things to put out there and I thought to collect them in one single post.

Firstly, I decided to take part to Sew Colette 2.0., hosted by Sarah, Erin and Rochelle!
I love this kind of challenges/sewalongs and I deeply regretted not taking part to the first round (when they sewed the four patterns from the Colette Handbook).
I'm such a fanatic of Colette Patterns that I have ALL of their patterns, so this will be a great chance to try the ones that haven't been out of their envelope yet. Maybe I won't participate every single month, but I hope to be consistent.
If you're thinking of joining in, the first pattern is the Hazel dress, which I had already made before the sewalong was announced ( I will show you next week, hopefully).

Secondly, I was featured!
Kristiann of Victory Patterns asked me to share a few words about me and my Chloe dress on her blog, and I was very flattered to see my big face on the front page.
You can read the post here.

Finally, a little request.
Some of you might know that Northen Italy was hit by a terrible earthquake in May and Etsyitaliateam is raising funds to help the victims through our charity shop. Many sellers donated their items and all the profits are donated to charity.
Please go and take a look, it's for a good cause and the donated items are truly amazing.

Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Me Made May - Week 5

Oops, I'm so very late!
Are you fed up with MMM yet? I sure was tired of taking photos of myself regularly (even just three times a week) but I loved both seeing what all the other gals were wearing and to show off some old creations. I had a lot of fun trying to style old pieces in different ways, and I'm sorry that many beloved garments didn't make it to the blog.
My only regret is that I didn't have any knitted garment to add to the mix, but I hope I can make up for it in the next round.

Monday, May 28th
I don't have a lot to say about this blouse, I just adore it. The lovely apple print is the same as this dress, just in a different color.

Wednesday, May 30th
For some reason, combining a gingham dress paired with a zebra print cardigan and floral wedges seem to work. Although I really should try to style it so that I don't look like a five-year-old.

Thursday, May 31st
It's finally warm enough to wear my gathered sundress, such a perfect garment for everyday. My only regret is that I had to adjust the fit while constructing it, and it shows. If I'll sew another one from this pattern I'll definitely work on a muslin for the bodice.

And I'm done!
I want to thank Zoe once again for hosting this very fun challenge and all the participants for the constant eye candy. Marie, Oona and Sallie : I'd really love to raid your wardrobes.

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