Thursday, June 21, 2012

La Mia Boutique 07/2012

Are you curious?
After the huge disaster that was the last Burda (most of you guys were as outraged as I was), I was a bit afraid to open the July issue of La Mia Boutique, but what I found were just some cute patterns and some forgettable ones. Nothing earth-shattering, but still worth buying.
Let's dig in.

I kinda fell in love with this pattern. It might be because it's so hot here that I would only wear breezy, lightweight dresses, but I've already traced this pattern and cut the fabric.
Cross your fingers for me, because this is VERY different for me, so I hope I can make it work.
Also, I've despised the hi-lo hem trend for weeks and now I'm intrigued by it. Is it just the heat messing with my head?

After trying the Cambie dress (more on that soon), I like this sleeve shape a lot. In this case, the pleats add interest (although I don't like what they did with contrasting fabric). The rest of the dress is very elegant and flattering.

There are a few chiffon dresses with pleated panels in this issue and they are all gorgeous. Unfortunately, there aren't any shops in my area that pleat fabric permanently, although in this Italian sewing forum we're discussing about "traditional" techniques to pleat fabric at home. If something worth sharing comes out, I'll be sure to let you all know.

Although I'm a bit revolted at the idea of wearing long sleeves at the moment, I can appreciate this jacket. A modern take on a classic blazer, I love all the design details.

Finally, a very bad photo to show these two patterns, but if you look at the technical drawing (ALWAYS rely on the technical drawing!) they're really cute. Unfortunately for me, they're plus size.

As usual, if you're curious to see all the technical drawings of this issue, you can find them in the Flickr set.


  1. It is the heat. Do not jump on the mullet skirt trend (particularly not in a pregnancy style-unless you are actually pregnant). All of these styles skew the whole garment towards the back-cool in a photo shoot, annoying when you're spending the whole day pulling your outfit forwards. I don't have one of these but it doesn't stop me from laughing at all the fashionistas in the city pulling theirs' forward every 2 mins. XD

    1. Sigh, I'm afraid you're right... At least the fabric I used was very inexpensive. I can always chop the mullet off or turn to Karen's ugly amnesty...

    2. You can totally chop off the mullet if you don't like it! No harm, no foul! :)

    3. Exactly! Or, I have a cousin that will probably love both the style and the fabric I used.

    4. Ok, I finished the thing today and it's FUGLY. On to new things...

  2. I like the term 'mullet skirt', never heard it before :D I was actually surprised to see you liked the first dress, I would never have guessed that from what I read on your blog!

  3. I love the first pattern! I think it will be perfect for hot summer days!