Monday, March 19, 2012

La mia boutique 04/2012

Yay, new issue! I'm not as excited as last time, but this magazine is still better than the latest Burda.
Ok, let's dig in.

Very cute shift dress, I love the neckline both at the front and the back. The ruched details of the jacket add interest and make it very nice.

More ruching! I really love the sleeves of this dress, I might use them with a different bodice, or even with this same dress, because I like it quite a bit.

I usually prefer bermuda to shorts, because I'm not too fond of my thighs. These seem pretty nice to me, if a bit too complicated. The top pattern is included as well, but it's nothing special.

Gorgeous jacket! The pattern is taken from an Italian army jacket and I really like it. There also are some army-inspired patterns for men, so check them out if you want to sew something for your special someone.

For more technical drawings, you can check out my Flickr.


  1. No this is not the best issue, maybe it is something to do with the vitamins, most of March/April issues of Burda are usually not exciting - it must be catching up with LMB too (((((

  2. Nice. They do seem to be doing a lot of shift dresses and short jackets lately.

  3. ...this time I definitely love every item :D

  4. The ruched dress is definitely pretty - but my favorite has got to be the army jacket! This would make such a great spring jacket.

    Had to laugh at Juliette's comment - yes, perhaps these magazines start to suffer from a bit of seasonal depression around this time! Haha!

  5. The flowery dress is really beautiful and feminine...

  6. I loved the ruche dress and am equally in love with the sleeves :)

  7. Grazie per la recensione! Sono molto tentata di acquistarlo...

  8. Oh my! the first dress and jacket are so adorable! I wish I had those patterns (and could understand them!)

    Wow! Beautiful!