Monday, May 28, 2012

Me Made May - Week 4

Friday, May 25th
After a very very hot train ride, I got home wanting to dress comfortable and to let my skin breathe. So excuse the flip flops, but it was hot!
I wore my Ginger skirt I made last year. I wore this skirt just a couple of times, I think I'm way too short waisted for a waistband that wide. But I love how it adds a nice touch of colour.

Saturday, May 26th
I was way overdressed in my Alice dress for the local market. Then again, I'm overdressed most of the time, and I like this dress so much that I don't care. This was the first time this dress came out of the wardrobe since last summer and I had forgotten that instead of hemming the lining, I had stitched this cute scalloped detail.

Sunday, May 27th
Hello, huge forehead! I often regret cutting my bangs, then I see a photo like this one and I remember I did the right thing. Anyway, I look like a mess in this photo because I felt that way. I barely rolled out of bed on Sunday, I felt sick and tired for no apparent reason. I wore my Salme Patterns pleated dress with a denim shirt. This dress is going on retirement until next fall, it's way too short for bare legs.


  1. You look adorable every day and your Alice dress is to die for!!! I'm way too short for high-waisted things, but I think i managed to make my Gingers work for me by shortening the waistband by a good inch. This might be something for you to think about if there's a next time ;o)

  2. You can easily wear your hair with or without bangs. You don't have a huge forehead!

  3. I love the Alice dress, gorgeous. I understand why you didn't follow the pattern - the worst pattern I have used recently. The fit was terrible and needed serious manipulating to make it work. I think the Ginger looks great too, nice burst of colour!

  4. I love all of your outfits, especially the sunny yellow Ginger skirt! Of course, it's so nice to see your Alice dress again-- it's so sweet!

  5. I love the Ginger skirt, great color and nice fit.

    My grandpa used to say that 'huge' foreheads are a sign of intelligence. ;) You look great with or without the bangs.

  6. Your Alice dress is so pretty! And don't worry about being overdressed - I grew up being told to "always dress like you're going somewhere better later". It's a bit pretentious, but at least you'll never feel like the badly dressed one!

  7. Lovely outfits again. Just adore your Alice dress - and that scalloped hem is such a cute idea (am storing that away in my memory to try and use sometime!).

    Hope you are feeling better after Sunday

  8. Adorabe outfits! I love the bright plashes of colour & the Alice dress is divine! I love the bow :-)

  9. Wonderful and inspiring- I'm just going to give in and be overdressed from now on. I'm tired of being a crinoline in a tank top world- lets all be happily overdressed!