Saturday, May 26, 2012

La Mia Boutique 06/2012

Such a great new issue! Let's dig in:

I litterally squealed when I saw this dress... until I read it's meant for stretch fabrics. Still, I think I'll cut the neckline and collar and use another pattern for the rest of the dress. I've wanted a sailor dress for ages, this has given me the final push for it.

Another very cute dress with a nautical feel to it. I love the princess seams, the contrast collar and the pockets.

If I'll ever attempt to make a maxi dress, this might very well be it. Love the high neckline in the front and the cutout in the back (which is still bra friendly, something essential to me).

Another jersey dress. Not too much to say about this, aside from the fact that I think the v-shaped draping is very flattering and I like the matching belt/sash.

If you like jumpsuits, this is issue is just for you. I have never been attracted to jumpsuits, never even tried one in a store, because I'm afraid I have the wrong shape for them, but these two patterns are so beautiful they are causing me to question myself.

I was pleasantly surprised that the editors asked for feedback from the readers on their Facebook page, because they received complaints for the quantity of patterns they release for knits and stretch fabrics. I am one of the complaining readers, since I never seem to find good quality knits at a reasonable price (just fugly prints or super cheap poly stuff). I hope this will reflect in the next issues.

As usual, you can find all the technical drawings in the Flickr set.


  1. Jumpsuits... actually they can be quite flattering. I don't have a model's figure by any means, but used to have a couple of jumpsuits last time they were in fashion-1980s or so. My problem is that I hate having to get nearly totally undressed just to use the WC! Especially problematic with public facilities and traveling. So, you probably won't be seeing me in one again...
    ~Jen (NY)

  2. I've never heard of this magazine before, so thanks for sharing! Sadly I'm not head over heals with the maxi, but having looked online I can't see that it's easy to buy a single copy. Do you know if they sell any of their patterns online? I'm obsessed now ;o)

  3. Say what? Noooooooooo I love them for their jersey patterns! Woven fabric patterns are easy to find (big 4, Burda and all the other blarg brands) it's the stretch knit stuff that's awesome! Knits were the only reason for subscribing to these guys, their knit patterns are awesome! X0

  4. Oh, I like these patterns! I wish it wasn't so expensive in the US ($200 for a subscription!).

  5. I love that you post the La Mia mag. pictures. I'd love for you to post even more. :) So please keep doing it. But What you don't like knits. I love knits. I buy mine from their jeresy is awesome same with rayon lycra blends. I buy 85% of what I sew with from them and they aren't pricey. You do have to be careful of the $3-$4 knits with them becuase they aren't going to launder well but you live and learn and I know what to buy from them that will be awesome. You should give them a try. Knits are so easy to wear.

  6. I have recently converted to knits - the best thing about them is that they are easy care - when you change your clothes every 5 minutes in summer, the less ironing the better! I still prefer woven fabrics, but I eventually found my way to liking them....

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