Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Burdastyle Magazine 02/2013

I don't have a proper intro for this post. The preview of this issue left me indifferent... nothing to really despise, nothing that makes the issue worth buying. You be the judge. Ok?

When I said nothing to despise, I meant except this stuff:
These patterns just make me say "Fuck you, Burda" to my computer screen.
In the past, some of you rightfully pointed out to me that it's useful to have patterns for absolute beginners, but I still think that you don't need a pattern for this stuff. Especially a pattern you have to trace off a complicated sheet and add sewing allowance to.
I do am (can you said that?) a person that gets pissed off easily, but this just infuriates me.

Moving on to some nice(r) things.

VERY cute. I couldn't figure out if it's a designer pattern or a vintage one or what. I'm not over the moon about this simply because I don't have any occasion to wear a dress like this. Other than that, it's pretty great. 

Cute skirt (especially for a beginner), cute top, nothing you haven't seen before if you're a long-time-Burda reader.

Don't like the sleeve frills, but it's a nice button-up (ooh! concealed button holes!). Again, there was a very similar pattern not too long ago.

Cute and interesting. Terrible photo, of course...

At a certain point, while I was looking at this preview, I started thinking the Burda team is thinking WAY ahead of time. A drapey, sleeveless maxi dress with sandals in February? I'm going around wearing multiple layers, boots, a coat and a wool hat, how am I supposed to get excited about a pattern like this one (and the previous one)? By the time I can wear something like this, I'll have probably forgotten entirely about these patterns.

Eh. Something cute and trendy. That's about all I have to say about it.

To sum up this post... YAWN.
But what about you? Are you going to buy this issue?


  1. I decided to leave this issue in the shop... and then I got it for my birthday. Now that I've looked at it a bit better, I've gotten to like the knit shirt patterns in this issue. Not too frilly but still a bit different than the plain knit shirt I normally wear. Think I'm going to give some of them a go!

  2. I really think burda is joking with us.. because the 2 first patterns that you show are just so not new !!! Every year the exact (or so close) same pattern !! Grr are you kidding me Burda ?

    I buy just some, not every month. It's good for burda's beginner to start, and for us to have a little collection that permitted us to have a good basic to transform or adjust.

  3. Haha your comments on these make me laugh out loud:)

  4. I do like some of it. But most of them aren't really original patterns. (I also get pissed of easily - but seeing that second dress makes it very easy! :-))

  5. It takes a looooong time to finish a garment when I start something. If I start sewing a summer dress in February it will be certainly ready to wear by the time it gets warmer :-)

  6. yes, this one I am going to buy. I am not frustrated by simple patterns like first ones, I just don´t see them%)) I like a bunch patterns from this issue, should make my own review too%))

  7. Yes I also thought it looked a bit off season but as I live in Australia I was quite excited about this fact as its pretty hot over here at the moment! I also spied a preview somewhere that had a jumpsuit in it. I don't know why but I really want to make one so I'm excited just for this reason. (I hope it is in there a I didn't just imagine it). I have a subscription (started in september) and I was just recently thinking that I am quite glad there are some months where I don't want to make anything (like the january issue) as there are still too many patterns that I do want to make in the others and my list is getting a bit long and overwhelming!!

  8. I don't know that I'd buy the whole issue, but if that dress with the shoulder/waist pleats was to be a downloadable on the Burda website I'd probably have a hard time resisting...

  9. BLECH is all I have to say. I can't believe they even publish some of those patterns.

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  11. love your critic on the magazine as always :)

    bought it as well and I totally agree: some nice patterns, but nothing really new or over the moon exciting...they are really repetitive...

    especially if you buy it regularly, as there was one thing in the preview that looked interesting...pffffhhh...however I always keep in mind, that even if I only use just one pattern of a magazine, the pattern itself is quite cheap compared to buying one pattern at a time... anyway still doesn't change the fact that they repeat things and this makes it a bit boring..

  12. Blerg, these are all boring to me! Too bad... :(

  13. I've never bought Burdastyle but eek. I'm with you on all of those opinions. Loving the white w/ black detail blouse!


  14. The dress with the black belt is from Paule Ka collection (don't remember the year). It's the second time Burda publishes his models, the first one (a dress and an overcoat) was absolutely fabulous.

  15. soisewedthis.blogspot.comJanuary 15, 2013 at 9:15 PM

    i agree, none of those were that exciting =(

  16. I don't mind the pleated side dress but everything else is rather meh.

  17. Yeah I've given up on Burda quite some time ago. If even one pattern in the whole issue catches my eye, I think it is not so bad. But I do think they are dumbing down big time

  18. the thing is, a burda pattern has to be quite amazing and unique for me to get up the energy to just even trace it (let alone add seam allowances). so yeah, this doesn't work for me.

  19. I'm a beginner, sort of...but the thing is I want a project to learn on...sewing a couple of rectangles together and calling it a dress would be no good. If burda are going for that angle then I think they failed...

  20. yeah, none are so exciting that I want to trace and add seam allowances too. Thanks for the review ~ I really enjoy them!

  21. I would buy it for the black and white dress. It would suit my work environment (albeit without the bow), I'm another Aussie, and I live in the sub-tropics, so more summery dresses are always a plus for me, too.

  22. Оксана ТитоваJanuary 16, 2013 at 8:59 AM

    It seems that they go nose to nose with
    Diana Moden Simplicity 2/2013, taking inot account the models 2053 and 1716 which will be published in February. I was eager to make those two patterns from Simplicity so now I am not at all sure whether to by Burda or Diana. Hmmm....

  23. Hello

    I just wanted to let you know that I've
    nominated you for a Sisterhood of the World Bloggers Award. I’ve linked to your blog on this post today.


    I do hope this is OK,

    Best wishes

  24. If you think the first two pattern are ridiculous you should take a look at this one: http://www.burdastyle.de/burda-style/heft-katalog/tunika-kleid-kollektion-f-s-2013_pid_689_8988.html

  25. I think this issue is worth it for the Paule Ka dress and a great pair of wide legged trousers in the 20s feature. The rest didn't really grab me. Odd because February's normally one of the best months.

    My current pet peeve with Burda is all the great coat patterns with silly closures. Another one this month that closes with hooks and eyes and has no overlap. Don't they know coats are meant to keep you warm?

  26. I had so much fun reading your article! I had the same thoughts in mind, when I saw the new patterns of the Burda style 02/2013. I think burda repeats a lot of similar patterns and most of the patterns are really boring... I really enjoyed reading this... Thanks! :)

    I sew myself but can't find time at the moment... hope it get's better at the weekend! :)

    By the way: I'M your new follwoer, hope to read more of your reviews!


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  30. If you don't like it, don't get it. Don't know why we have to read the dribble about it...

  31. I read your text, but: what did you want to tell us? How very
    rude you are? Not fun at all! How much you dislike the Burda Magazine? I am Burda fan since I
    was 12, and that was a long time ago. Old numbers (70’s, 80’s 90’s) are like a
    sewing Bible to me. Not every issued Nr. was ideal, but mostly they were very interesting. Until Dagmar Billy took the lead, horrible decision gone wrong, it
    was a very good fashion magazine with free patterns inside, which, yes, repeated
    from time to time. Yet, it was in many cases a good opportunity to 'see' the
    very same pattern changed in, let’s say, new light. Where I could agree with
    you, if you would comment it politely is that 'new' Burda is: boring, chosen
    ideas and patterns are extremely simple and horrible (at the same time). There
    is no high fashion in it anymore. It is almost like Ms. Billy on purpose totally
    missed the spirit that respected late Ms. Anne Burda meant her magazine was,
    and should be: something for everybody. If you dislike the way patterns are
    made, I wish to remind you not everybody in this world learned it ‘your way’. I learned it thanks to my father and an aunt, old way! So, I love how the patterns in Burda are made exactly as they are! Why? Because
    I want an exact line where to sew. Adding an extra border is simple (!), and it
    is left to my free will, or to the amount of the fabric I have. Patterns in US
    are to me, sorry, ridiculous, because I need to ‘do extra job’: to ‘find’ out
    where the sewing line is, and then to draw it, again, where in many patterns that
    can be a real disaster, especially in complicated patterns. I stopped buying Burda,
    and US patterns. When I see something interesting, that I would want to wear, I
    draw it myself thanks to very old Burda patterns. ;)

  32. I know this is 2 years old, but it is still on web, and I couldn't leave it like you were right in everything you said in text. All Best!