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La Mia Boutique 12/2013

Silvia and I are a bit behind schedule, but here's the last issue of the year of La Mia Boutique.
The December issue is usually full of party dresses for the Holidays and outerwear, both of which make me happy... Let's see if that's the case.
You can see the rest of the magazine in Silvia's post here.

Anna: I was SO glad when I read that Chiara Boni of La Petite Robe was featured again! Her designs are (almost) always gorgeous, classic and feminine, but modern as well.
I love the detail in the back of this first dress, it definitely makes it unique.

SilviaI love the inverted darts on this dress. It reminds me of the top I made in September. As for the back detail, I am not convinced. If I were to make it I would remove it.

Anna: I was absolutely convinced this was a dress until I looked at the technical drawings ! This outfit is the only disappointing one for me in this photoshoot… I don’t love the squared neckline (although I like the faux-bolero effect) and the ruching on the butt of skirt is a big no-no for me… I’m afraid of how it would look on a real woman’s bottom.

SilviaI actually like the top and the square neckline! As for the skirt…I can already picture how huge my bum would look with ruching. Not for me. But this is certainly not a problem for everyone!

Anna: This is where this issue started going south for me, or at the very least it became very boring.
Take this coat. It’s cute, it’s classic, but I feel like I’ve seen it a hundred times, and with more interesting details. Pass.

Silvia: I agree with Anna. Though the pattern is quite a classic and something I actually like… by now I have so many that this brings nothing new to my list.  

Anna: Well, this is surely stunning, but you definitely need an occasion for such a dress, which probably doesn’t make it appealing to a lot of people. You can always shorten it and it would still be cute, although pretty standard.

SilviaI am officially looking for a party to have the excuse to sew this dress! I am even considering getting married again (to the same guy!) And if those plans should fail I am thinking I could take out the train and shorten it. It’s just beautiful.

Anna: Uhm… What is this? A “minidress”, which looks more like a regular tank top to me with a tulle overskirt. Where would you wear this outfit and WHY? I do not understand this.

SilviaOk, taking into account this is a holiday issue I sort of get what they were trying to do with this. It’s certainly a quick and fun outfit to make…and can satisfy the ballerina inside. Not for me, but for a glamourous New Year’s Eve party it could be fun.

Anna: I like the double pocket detail and of this jacket, but something here smells like very dated. I can’t decide whether it’s the zipper or the color, but I don’t like it.

SilviaI think it’s the color that makes it look dated (I’d check out Zara’s collection… if only I had one close by!) So for once I would blame it on Zara’s designers!

Anna: As I mentioned in Silvia’s post, it turns out the two of us have quite different taste in lingerie. While she’s very happy about this set of patterns, I’m mostly indifferent, although I like the polka dots here!

SilviaYes, I confirm I like the basic lingerie style! For me undies have to be comfy…and if they are also cute like these ones I may even consider giving lingerie sewing a go!

Anna: I don’t think I would invest the time to sew a bag, but this one is not too bad (in another color and without fringe, please). I have too many clothes I want to sew to start sewing bags too.

SilviaThis bag is really dated to me…70s style I would say. But if look beyond those ugly details well, it’s a bag! Thanks Anna for making me reconsider this pattern!

Anna: This was so out of contest it made me laugh a little. Ok, it’s presented with two other bags, but they probably should have included this in the children’s patterns section (which Silvia and I never review). I don’t know, I guess it’s cute for a little girl, but what do I know?

SilviaI hope one of the readers can shed some light on this pattern. Will a girl like it? And do all girls like pink?

Anna: Gosh, no… Just no. I’m not even going to elaborate.
Why do they always do this to the “real people” plus-sized model?

SilviaAgain I blame my reaction on the fabric design…but at the same time now that it’s at least the fifth time I look at these patterns I may be even starting to like the design…Or perhaps it’s just too late at night!

Anna: I actually like the idea behind this pattern, I wouldn’t be too thrilled to trace this very simple pattern and add a seam allowance. For those who are willing to do that, this could make a very cute and useful handmade gift!

Silvia: I like this new feature…a blogger’s pattern. That’s a step in the right direction to get readers involved and also add a step by step visual tutorial. Well done, La Mia Boutique!

So... all in all a disappointing issue for me. But if you don't agree with me, run over at Silvia's post, because she's giving away two copies of LMB! Good luck!

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  1. Silvia - Sewing PrincessDecember 13, 2013 at 6:22 PM

    Anna, I love doing these reviews with you! You could make Dress 11 to go to a wedding, perhaps....I know I know...