Friday, January 17, 2014

Burdastyle Magazine 02/2014

The flu knocked me out for a few days, so what better way to ease back into blogging than criticizing the new issue of good old Burda?
Let's go!

There are a couple interesting t-shirt patterns in this issue. This one has this draping on the front that I'm not too sure about... I want to like it, but it just doesn't convince me... I mean, I'm the kind of person who would be caught in a door knob or something within minutes of wearing this t-shirt, so...

EDIT: If you want to see a finished version of the t-shirt, my reader Carla very kindly sent me a link to Kathy Sews's blog. Thank you!

This other t-shirt again looks interesting on paper... but again it doesn't convince me. This thing at the neck feel a bit constrictive to me and I don't really like how it connects in the back.
The skirt is the first of a series of very, very cute A-line skirts in this issue. Quite lovely, really.

Finally for knits, I'm quite intrigued by this little dress here. I love the mix of materials and the asymmetry at the front. I'm also intrigued to know how that neckline is constructed (it looks like a triple band of some sort?).

Now, for a little bit of controversy.
You know what I'm about to say. THOSE PANTS. If you're one of those people who loves them and could even make them work, just know I admire you, because I can't help but shrugging and thinking "hideous", and I don't know if that just makes me a little small-minded. But yeah, I can't help it, I just hate them.
The jacket is really cute, but that's not the point, I'm too distracted by the pants.

And speaking of cute jackets... Hello! This reminds me a liiiittle bit of the Ninot jacket, the latest pattern by Pauline Alice and although I don't need a jacket like this one right now, it's a very, very nice one if you like a bit of vintage in your look.

I'm a bit surprised at myself, but I quite like this little top here! There's also a dress version and I like it even more.
The skirt is just beautiful, I die for all those pleats!

The skirt is a simpler (yet still very cute) variation of the previous one. The bustier... I don't know, it's something I probably wouldn't wear but it's not a bad idea per se... Opinions?

Give me a dress with a buttoned back and I'll be happy any day. Joking aside, this is REALLY cute. I'm curious to see how that belt is constructed with the front pleats...
The technical drawing here suggests that the stripes of this dress are pieces of three different fabrics... right? Wow, that seems like a LOT of work for such a simple dress. I definitely would never do it, but I guess it allows you to create some interesting effects...

My gosh, there's a lot going on in this dress... I really don't like the neck flounce, it looks a bit too... junior to me (and spoken from someone who wears Peter Pan collars almost daily, that's saying a lot).
I like the tucks, but I feel like there are way too many.

And finally, plus size patterns!
The top here is cute and has tons of potential for variation. The pants... eep! I really don't like them at all. That flared leg is so 90's to me and the pocket placement on the back seems very very wrong.

What a cute little jacket! It feels a bit matronly as styled here, but it could look much more fresh and young in another colour (or just with different styling, really).

What do you think, guys? To purchase or not to purchase?
I think I will get this issue, I'm not incredibly thrilled by it, but it's one of those I might regret not getting later on.

Nuovo mese, nuova review di Burda (non ancora in italiano, sorry!).
Che ne dite dei modelli di questo numero? Io probabilmente lo comprerò: anche se non mi fa impazzire, ci sono abbastanza modelli interessanti, e sono sicura che se non lo comprassi, tra qualche mese me ne pentirei... Mi è già successo troppe volte!


  1. There is some cute stuff in here. I love the asymmetric wrapped dress - it's like a dress version of the Style Arc Elizabeth that I'm just about to make. Sorry but I love the paperbag pants too! The red patterned dress is very interesting as well. Pretty good issue I think.

  2. This is the first issue of Burda in ages that I really want to buy. I love the skirt patterns, and the plus sized top. Both jackets are fabulous, and I like the red dress too. I'll definitely be picking this one up when it hits the shelves.

  3. I lve the A-line skirts and the buttonback dress. And that little jacket is so cute and yes, it does remind me a lot of my Ninot jacket pattern, thanks for mentionning it ;) The back pleat seems very interesting!

  4. I wasn't thrilled neither at the first time, but I think this issue would provide many basics to wear for work or everyday life : the skinny jeans, this beautiful white skirt and all the jersey knotted tops. You have a dress too, which is very interesting with its customizable length (the same which appears in a lace version in order to be layered)...
    The more I look to these pleated dress, the more I love them !
    I agree with you, these pants aren't the best design of the year... there too much volume for a sarouel or a carrot, maybe if you sew it in a microfiber fabric or tencel to minimize the breadth ?

  5. I think there's a lots of meh, a bit of wtf and a few gems. I really like the skirt with the diagonal pleats and that super cute jacket (the one paired with the big ugly pants). That jacket is totally my style!

  6. I really liked this issue actually. That skirt pattern is so cute (and I'm never into skirts) and I really like the top that went with it, and the dress even more. I thought there were some other cute jackets in this issue - but was NOT a fan of the punk section. Personal taste I guess :)
    As for that off the shoulder top, I'm torn. I think they way they published it is too long as a top. Would be really cute as a shorter crop-top with that skirt (hit right at the top of the skirt) or lengthened into a dress IMO. I'm excited to see your review though, I've been waiting to see others opinions on this issue!

  7. I was most drawn to that biker jacket (the one paired with the hideous pants!) to make. But of course I had to start off with a quickie pattern (the draped one.) It really feel like that draped tshirt pattern is a good way to get that Japanese Drape Drape look but on a smaller scale... usually those draping books have designs really not geared towards curvy bodies like mine.

    I really like the striped dress but I know the boxy styling will look like a tent on me. I hope someone else will sew it up and show it off.

    The wavy dress (not pictured) in the plus section is really cute. If it were in my size I would have considered making that one, too. A belt and new fabric is needed for the plus jacket, then it will be nicer, I think. And the flared/bootcuts for the plus... a bit dated, I agree.

  8. I love that dress, the v-neck red and white one. Love it. I usually just download individual patterns from BurdaStyle, but I say BUY to that one! I don't like pleated skirts much since they don't seem to look very good at the end of the day, but I'm getting the sense a-line skirts are coming back... I'm keeping my fingers crossed!

  9. If I were like super tall and super thin, I would wear those crazy pleated pants!
    I wasn't crazy about that first top but Kathy's looks pretty dang good. There are a few things I do like in this issue...Jan/Feb/Mar has made me consider getting a subscription.

    (also, that dress is insane if those are all individual pattern pieces. No way)

  10. I like quite a few of the dresses and skirts in this issue, I,m probably going to purchase it. I just got January also. Do you ever get overwhlemed by how many issues of Burda magare do :)

  11. I like quite a few of the dresses and skirts in this issue, I,m probably
    going to purchase it. I just got January also. Do you ever get
    overwhlemed by how many issues of Burda magazine you own knowing that there'll never be enough time to sew it all? I do :)

  12. I think this one is definitely a buy for me. There's some misses (those pants!) but I love the vintage look jacket and the button back dress.

  13. I'm really loving the skirts . . . think I'll have to get this one :)

  14. I agree with petitejoisette. I think there are too many issues( and far too many bad/bland/boring/repetative patterns). I have issues going back years. Storing the damn things is a nuisance!! How many pattern variations can there be!! The older patterns are much nicer/more interesting so I dont buy Burda anymore. Anyway i can easily adapt a pattern to get the look I'm after.

  15. I have been looking for a pattern like the one with the flared pants so that's a winner for me...I have some "scraps" from a seamstress that are probably at least 2 yards but selvages that she has cut other pieces of on the fold and I could make that shirt work...

  16. Оксана ТитоваJanuary 19, 2014 at 5:00 PM

    I will buy this issue for a pleated skirt-I like it and I am tired of pencil skirts in my wardrobe.I do not like the first top - it looks as if a person was drawn by some toothless dog ....

  17. Your reviews of this magazine make me laugh - I'd get hooked on a doornob too with that first top. I've never seen this magazine before -- are the patterns included or is it some sort of "draft it yourself" situation that's too hard for newbies like me?

  18. I do too. It makes me sad.

  19. "This is the first issue of Burda in ages that I really want to buy." I said the same, when I saw it online :-)
    There are at least 3-4 patterns, which I like. Usually I like only 1 or 2

  20. haha, I have been caught in the doorknob many times before, so I will beware the first tshirt :) I'm going to buy this issue just for that cute jacket! Not that I have sewn a jacket before, but you know, I think one needs jacket patterns, just in case :)

  21. Those trousers are strange. I am definitely not in the 1% of the world population who could wear those. Oh well...

  22. It is 2014 though. :) I came across the reference to this post through another blog and was confused for a second.

  23. The patterns are included and multi-size. The pieces are overlapped on a big sheet, so you need to trace them (and add seam allowance).

  24. I definitely do. I actually feel a bit guilty at the amount of sewing magazines I own and almost never use. I try to consider them like a collection and think that they'll come in handy when I least expect it... But yes, storage is starting to be a real problem for me!

  25. You're a wise girl :D I always cave in to temptation.

  26. I'm trying to spend less money on sewing right now, I have so much stuff, I should use that first. But new stuff is way more exciting,... The problem created by capitalism have-have-have, want-want-want. And I'm pretty guilty on that part too. So it's time to make a change :)

  27. I really love to read your Burda reviews! Well, in this issue I fell in love with the marvellous a-line skirt (other skirts are cute too). The t-shirts I find quite repellent, the form is overdone, hence the substance disappeared. And the trousers? Pleease! I share definetely your opinion :) I twould think hard on buying the issue...

  28. I'm probably in the minority here, but I love THOSE pants (especially the waistband)! I'm tall enough to pull them off and have been looking for a pair of slouchy-yet-fitted pants for spring. I think they'll look awesome in a dark linen (I don't do light pants in any fabric!), or a drapey medium-weight fabric of some kind.
    And, I love your reviews :)

  29. Hello. I was just wondering where do you buy the pattern magazine. I really want to get my hands on this issue but I'm all the way in Trinidad.

  30. Sorry, you should ask Burda about distribution in your country, I have no idea. Burda is sold at newsstands and in supermarkets here.