Sunday, January 25, 2015

La Mia Boutique 01-02/2015

This morning I woke up feeling like giving some unrequested opinions on something, so I figured there was no better time to write a review :)

The good people of La Mia Boutique sent me a PDF of the new issue, which was not only very kind on their part (saves me A LOT of time in scanning the magazine), but it also shows they're not afraid of criticism, which impressed me quite a bit (they actually told me they do read my reviews and try to take notes, wow).

That being said, I'm afraid it doesn't make me less of a bitch harsh critic.

First of all, it's almost Carnival in our little corner of the world, which means dressing up in costumes, especially for children.
I know I usually skip the children patterns altogether, but I find costumes' patterns especially useful to have around (they're highly requested by relatives and friends, in my experience, and can be rather complicated to draft on your own) so I wanted to show them.
Furthermore, I've been working in a children store in the last three months, so I'm becoming less and less allergic to kids related stuff by the day.

This first strawberry costume looks really adorable, and quite easy to make as well.

I found this incredibly cute in its semplicity. I'd personally replace the floppy headpiece with a simpler headband with ears.

Mmph. Good idea, not liking the execution. It needs some major embellishing and accessorizing to work as costume, because it's a little sad as is.

I wouldn't have used an out of focus photo on a national magazine just because it's a jump shot (come on!), but ok.
I find this costume hilariously bad and outdated, but maybe it's just me.

Again, so sad!
If you go for American Indian, a feather headpiece is a must.

Awww, such a classic! But also, very cold! This needs a lot of layers if you want to avoid your kid going into hypothermia, so what's the point?

A Burberry print doesn't exactly scream cowboy in my opinion, but ok... Again, this needs more accessories and props to work, like, I don't know, a cowboy hat?! Presentation is everything, people!

This one is definitely my favorite although I seriously don't get the braids attached to the hood of the cape. When the hood is not on, they look really weird.

But wait, there's more! Costumes for adults!
This one, I find quite sad, and definitely not appropriate for a Morticia look... Maybe a vampire?

This one is quite beautiful, and it also includes a pattern for the headpiece.

The shiny poly fabric is a turnoff, but it's an otherwise very cute costume.

Ok now, real life clothes!
After the plethora of costumes, I decided to only includes pattern I more of less like. So, of course I included a coat. I don't like the styling here (popped up collars give me physical pain), but everything else works for me.

Two basic patterns, but quite cute ones. They also work quite nicely together.

Again, basic, but cute. Looks like instant gratification. Not much more to say...

Ooooh! Love this cape with the contrast bands! Love, love, love.

Aand, finally, a pretty cute outfit. I would gladly wear every piece here, although I'll use them more as an inspiration rather than using every single pattern here.

If you want to take a look at the rest of the patterns included in this double issue, here they are:

Aand... My job is done, I'm out! :)


  1. I always love seeing these reviews. I think the only one I disagreed with you about is the Native American one - I say don't dress up that way at all, especially not with feathers. Enough Native Americans have said how offensive it is that there's really no reason to do it anymore.

    I'm with you on that coat, though - would love to sew that up!

  2. I agree with you, there are plenty costumes for children that aren't as controversial or offensive as this one. I guess for us Europeans it's easier to forget what's behind this costume, but you're absolutely right.

  3. The Mickey Mouse costume is brilliant in its simplicity! The cowboy shirt, in addition to another fabric, would also have benefited from some plaid matching down the front.
    I really like the last outfit and the floral skirt.

  4. It was a good idea on La mia Boutinque's part to include all those kid costumes, but it really is a turnoff to see the model looking totally bored! And I agree, most of them could use a good amount of embellishments. I do disagree with you on the Biancaneve one, because there's something about that horrible shiny poly fabric (which I would normally never use) that adds that shimmery fakeness that's essential to a princess gown costume! :) Lisa

  5. OMG... there in not a carnival dress that inspire me!! Really, the photos seem exhumed from a magazine of a few decades ago... I wolud save the Minnie costume but not the headband! Instead I like very much the winter clothes. I agree with you!

  6. Hi, thanks for your reviews. I have tried to sew the cape, So I think its very cute :-)

  7. Haha love your reviews. And I think that wee cowboy agrees with you about the cowboy hat, look at that disappointed pout!

  8. I can't believe this is supposed to be an italian magazine. Every single model looks so dull and uninspired. The photoshots look cheap, the photomodels clumsy and sad. Especially the children. And the costumes? Boy, I can't imagine of my children wanting to dress up as any of those, neither would their friends. The black blouse? What is it to suggest? A Pregnancy frock? The cape is sort of ok, the rest is pathetically unstylisch. This magazine looks pathetically amateur.