Thursday, August 25, 2011

Lady in Red

Hello everyone! Long time no see... I've been back home for almost a week, but for some reason I have avoided my blog until today.
At least I'm back with something nice to share: my latest summer dress! It's a cute sundress made in a very light red polka dot cotton. It's the Gathered Sundress pattern from Pattern Runway and I love it!
The princess seams of the bodice are very flattering, as well as the round neckline, and I just ADORE how the pockets are constructed, with a gathered edge and bias strip.

If you notice some horizontal puckers in the bodice, that's because I had some fitting issues. I was in a rush because I wanted to take the dress with me to the seaside, so I didn't make a muslin (when will I ever learn???). The bodice ended up being way too long for my bodice but I didn't realize it until the dress was finished, hemmed and all. So, what could I do? I simply pinched the straps together and sewed them 2 cm shorter. This made the dress shorter and a bit too snug under the arms, but luckily it's not uncomfortable at all.

I also had to add two small darts on the neckline because, once again, it was gaping. Can any of you suggest me some other modifications to make for a gaping neckline? I'd be extremely grateful!
The fabric is great, light and breathable for the very hot weather we have now here. I used some muslin as lining for the bodice and underlining for the skirt and pockets and I think it worked perfectly.

The pattern was great, easy to assemble and the instructions were very easy to follow, with very clear images. As I did with the Scalloped Hem Shorts, I can't recommend this pattern more.
If you like this dress and want to make it yourself, you can find a discount code for Pattern Runway in my previous post.


  1. So beautiful! I love this dress on you, and it makes me look at this pattern in a different way!

  2. This is lovely, great colour too. I wish i could sew. You make it look so easy!

  3. Gorgeous! I love the color, and I didn't even notice the puckering at all. It's beautiful.

  4. Ciao Annaaa :D questo vestito รจ un amore: amo i vestitini, amo il rosso, amo i pois, amo i pois bianchi sul rosso, quindi: adoro questo vestito! Tra l'altro, ti sta d'incanto :)
    Un bacionissimo, a presto!

  5. Ooh, I love it! I bought the pattern last week and I'm so excited to try it out!

  6. Awww! Anna! Red suits you so so well! I love this vivid color on you and I totally agree with you on the pockets. They make the structure of the skirt part very special. Good to see you back! Hopefully you had a wonderful vacation! :)

  7. Hello this looks gorgeous! Love your fabric choice! hmmm solution for gaping necklines.. just wondering whether you might need to enlarge the bust area of the pattern? let me know if that is the case and I will send you a drawing of how to adapt the bust area of the pattern, or vice visa how to adapt the neckline and armholes to reduce gaping, but just wanted to check if its more of a bust increase/decrease that needs to happen?

  8. Lovely dress, I adore polka dots!

  9. so pretty! i like how the skirt flows out a bit at the hips.

  10. i LOVE it! so pretty! i bought this pattern a couple weeks ago because of your interview. SUCH a great pattern.

    i hate muslins too; most times i hold the paper bodice pattern piece up, check the mirror, and shorten for my waist. very quick and very dangerous adjustment but at least it gets the waist where i want it :)

  11. @oonaballoona
    Thanks Oona! I left a comment under your post at Sew Weekly because I love your version too and I'm so glad I made you find a pattern you like :)
    Anyway, I think the system ate it.
    I had also written that I've seen you on Royal Pains and I was so surprised! You have a new fan, now :)

  12. teehee! yes, that was me. it was fun to do that episode!

    i've worn my sundress out 3 times in one week. i think it's time to make another:)

  13. Hey Anna,

    since I just linked you in one of my posts I didn't want to leave it unmentioned that I absolutely love your blog and your style. Based on this post I discovered the pattern runway dress pattern and just made my own version. Love it!

    Thanks for being an inspiration !