Thursday, September 1, 2011

Burda 09/2011

I had completely forgotten about Burda until the September issue showed up in my mail yesterday. "YAY", I thought, "it's going to be a surprise since I haven't seen any preview online".
Oh, indeed, what a surprise! The Burda editorial staff probably had a great vacation this summer and instead of working on a new issue, they took some old patterns from the 80s and 90s thinking that the readers wouldn't have noticed.

WHAT THE F***??? Are you kidding me? Is that supposed to be a modern take on color blocking? What drugs where they on?
But it doesn't end here:

WHO WEARS THESE THINGS? People who drank as much as they did when they planned this shoot?

But luckily, there are some patterns for all of those poor Oktoberfest waitresses who need to sew their own dress for work. I mean, REALLY???

And if you're not offended enough at this point, I give you two more choices: a fugly blouse or the pattern for a faux fur scarf. Yes, I'm serious. Go and see the technical drawing, it's A RECTANGLE.

If it wasn't clear enough by the tone of this post, I'm SO mad at the Burda editors. Next month I'll have to decide whether to renew my subscription or not, and you can imagine what is going on my mind right now.


  1. Hahaha, oh dear! 2 rectangles? Tut tut Burda...

  2. I was very happy I'm not subscribing to Burda when I saw what they put in the September issue, so I could just have a look at it and decide against buying it in an instant

  3. ok, io non uso i cartamodelli di burda, ma solitamente dò un'occhiata volentieri....qui però sembra di essere sul set di qualche telefin di bassa qualità che danno in tv ad agosto! ugh!

  4. ehehe.. yup.. that cross my mind as well.. but, there is one cute dress in this issue.. so, if i do make that one, it wont be a complete waste of money.. i do not have an excuse for buying this burda issue, i forgot to check any previews, and just bought the magazine.. that won't happen again

  5. I agree. I got the same issue, and couldn't help but make faces at each picture when I skimmed through it.

  6. I stopped buying burda when they reduced the patterns to one sheet. And when I started realizing their designs run too big on me and have to make too many adjustments. Maybe they spent their summer at some German beer festival or they wanted to release an early carnival issue

  7. only good in that burda is last model hair :) this short cut :)