Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Burda 10/2011

Aaand... I'm back! Sorry, but the end of Summer means I'm back to studying and I have little or no time for sewing. So, basically, I have nothing to show you!
But the Burda preview is here! When I saw it on the website, I was a bit hesitant to open it because I'm still a bit angry at Burda since last month. This issue is definitely less tragic, but it's not great either.
Let's start with the patterns I like:
Yes, I know that they look like nuns outif, but try to imagine them both sleeveless and in cuter, more lively colors (or pastels!). Better, huh? I think they could look very 60's (with the aforementioned alterations, of course). I especially like the pleats of the first dress.
Fun fact: my boyfriend peeked at my screen while I was making these collages and he asked if these were the coats that Italian children used to wear in elementary school (if you're unfamiliar, this is an example). So, nice fabric choice, Burda!

Nice and simple lines, I want to experiment with princess seams a bit to see if I can get a better fit for my curvy body and this could be a nice pattern to start with. Of course, it's the lace that makes this particular dress, but I think it could still be cute without embellishments.

The lace panel has all the potential to be very vulgar, but I think it could be a beautiful dress if you don't over do it. I would avoid the scarf and, once again, I think it would look cute sleeveless.

Ok, as you might have noticed, these dresses were all from the "black and white" issue. The we have the plus size and the children issue, a "boho chic" and a "muted colors" issue (I found the fabric used in these last two really hideous).
And then I saw this:

Noooo! Not again! What is this? And WHERE ARE THESE TWO SUPPOSED TO BE GOING?
One girl is wearing a quilt as a cape and the other one stole Neo's jacket. I mean...
If you liked the pattern for a faux fur scarf they offered last month, you're gonna love this:

I'm gonna end this by pointing out that this issue is called "So Cool..."(at least in the Italian version). Yup.

Did you see the preview yet? Let me know if there's something you liked and if you're going to buy this issue. Bye!

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  1. il secondo vestito mi piace molto, è davvero carino! Gli altri, forse complice il nero, non mi fanno impazzire: ma credo che quando li vedrò rivisitati e corretti da te, e in stoffe più colorate, mi piaceranno di più :) anzi, ne sono sicura, perché i modelli non sembrano male!
    un abbraccio e grazie per il sito che mi hai segnalato!