Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Wedding clutch

Last saturday I went to my cousin's wedding and while I originally wanted to sew a dress for myself, it didn't happen. I made a muslin of the Bombshell Dress (if you haven't taken Gertie's course yet, I highly recommend it), but there was A LOT of fitting to do and I didn't want to risk not to finish in time.
I also had a little meltdown, so I went to Zara and 5 minutes later I had a beautiful LBD with an exposed zipper in the back, some nice details at the waist and an overall 60s feel that was perfect for me.
The only thing I still needed was a clutch and I couldn't find one that I liked in any shop. There were a lot of plastic-y bags (supposed to look like leather) that costed at least 15 euro. Nonsense.
I still wanted something handmade since I knew all my relatives would have asked if the dress was a creation of mine, so I realized that a clutch was a perfect self made element to add to my outfit. Here's what I came up with:

A cute black ruffled clutch with a magnetic snap and a powder pink lining! I used the Victoria Clutch pattern but reduced the size to 90% of the original and I added a wrist strap and a pocket on the inside. I also made a little wallet and a tissue pouch to keep my stuff better organized.
I liked this clutch so much that I made two more to sell in my shop. They will be for sale soon.

Finally, I wanted to show you a simple yet elegant manicure: since I wasn't wearing any ring I accessorized my nails using a nude polish and two glitter polishes (one with chunky glitter and a finer one). Enjoy!


  1. molto molto belle...dai un occhio al mio blog..puure io ho realizzato alcune pochette da matrimonio...fammi sapre se ti piacciono!!

  2. Love that stripey clutch! And the manicure.

  3. Ooh, I love the clutch! How cute!

  4. I fell in love with that stripey clutch, too! :) By the way, I have started watching Gertie's course not long ago, too. It is so so interesting. I am not sure, whether I can accomplish such a fitted dress, but I will definitely give it a try. Though I have to admit, that my muslin is waiting for improving it's fitting issues for some weeks already. ;)

  5. bellissime le clutch, sia quella che hai fatto per te che le altre! Mi piacciono davvero un sacco, e anche i due astuccini sono tanto carini! :)
    Bella e originale anche la manicure :)
    ciao Anna, un abbraccio!