Sunday, October 16, 2011

Burda 11/2011

The moment has come. This is the last issue of Burda included in my subscription and I'm really torn. I haven't forgotten all the bad stuff in the latest issues, but this one looks so promising! I think I'll end up renewing my subscription anyway, but maybe I'll wait a couple of months.
Ok, let's see what the November issue has to offer.

First of all, I really like the photoshoots in this issue. That's also the reason why I'm so attracted to this super easy skirt.

This dress looks sexy! The technical drawing leaves me a bit puzzled, but I'm very curious.

This looks very original end extremely flattering. It's strange that it fits so well a large-chested model (it's not a plus size pattern). Maybe it's a pattern for us curvy ladies :)

Nice sweater, no? My problem is just that I have such a hard time finding knits...

I LOVE the lines of this blazer and the curved hem. I also really like how it's styled in the picture.


  1. These are all my favorites too, of course there are some weird patterns too, but I think for the price it's worth it.

  2. These patterns really do look promising...but how they fit them onto the model's boobs I don't know. I think they did some major pattern fitting to make that work. It would be cool if the patterns just fit like that :)

  3. Lovely patterns. Recently I bought Modellina which has Simplicity patterns. As for knits, I found some lovely ones near Borgo Sesia, at Zagna Baruffa Outlet

  4. Je suis quasiment toujours d'accord avec toi concernant Burda! Les derniers numéros étaient archi-nuls, mais celui-ci est vraiment beau (quelles jolies photos!!). J'aime exactement les mêmes choses que tu montre dans cet article, mais j'aurais remplacé la robe noir par celles rouge à manches longue et frou-frou au décolleté...