Saturday, October 8, 2011

Highlights of the week #9

Bonjour, everyone! How are you?
I allowed myself the luxury of taking a break from my studying for almost the whole week, and I sewed a lot. It was so fun! If only it could be always like this...
I wish you all a happy weekend and I'll leave you with my usual collection of fun links. Bye! :)

1. Aya shared an incredibly creative video that shows many ways to wear a man' shirt. It's genius.
2. I found this tutorial for a head wrap/cowl on Pinterest and I fell in love with it.
3. Cupcake nail art tutorial! Need I say more?
4. Finally, one more tutorial; it's for this beautiful skirt and it's beginner proof.


  1. Ooh, those cupcake nails ares adorable!! And your Jenny skirt is lovely, looks so useful and versatile, as well as tres chic and stylish!

  2. @Carolyn
    Thanks! I'm wearing today with the same shirt of the photo and a wool cardi and I feel sexy librarian all the way :)