Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Interview: LaLisette

While I'm a little under the weather and having two new me-made garments to photograph but being unable to do it, I leave you in the company of the very talented Lisette from the Etsy shop LaLisette. I hope you'll enjoy her interview and if you like her creations as much as I do, be aware that she's offering free shipping until Dec 21st. Enjoy!

Introduce yourself: tell us something about where you live, your origins, hobbies, etc. 
I'm Lisette and live and work in Amsterdam.
I have a little studio where I design and create my products.
I really enjoy making things with my hands.

How did you start your shop, LaLisette?
It started with making gifts for friends and a few assignments.
At one point I decided to start selling things. A friend made a website/webshop for me so from then on I could start my business.

How did you choose the name of your shop?
I have a french name, so by adding La in front of my first name it was good to go. It sounds nice!
Do you have formal training (art, design, sewing, etc.)?
I went to fashion school and worked in fashion for a long time. From sales to product development.

Does your shop support you economically?
I'm starting to get there :)

What are your main sources of inspiration?
That can be anything that catches my eye. I really observe a lot and see nice details in a lot of things. But mainly other people or just from the streets and traveling.

What are the main satisfactions you get from your shop?
Fist of all creating your own products. And finishing a product and send it out to the buyer. Every time I send out an order it is a present for someone which is a nice idea. And all the positive reactions you get from customers is also very motivating.

How do you advertiseyour business?
Mainly through social medias, Facebook, blogs, mailings and magazines.

Do you have any advice for who wants to sell or already sells online?
Make a good plan for yourself, make sure your products have a signature which is recognizable and are you. And be patient, it takes time before people will find you if you sell online.


  1. Very interesting interview! Thank you for sharing, I didn't know this artist before, I like her bags!

  2. Very cool bags!
    (too bad shipping to the US is so expensive)

  3. Cooooooooooooooooooool bags :D Reb, xoxo ♥