Wednesday, August 1, 2012

12 in 2012 - Check in

Do you remember 12 in 2012? I sure have forgotten about it!
Well, not really, but I have forgotten about some of my goals. Since almost two thirds of the year have gone, I decided to go back to check how I was doing and... it's BAD.

12 Pieces of Handmade Clothing:
1. Shirt dress                         → Planning to make one with Simplicity 2215 and surprise fabric
2. Blazer                                → I really don't know why I included this.
3. Trousers                            → Fingers crossed, I really want to make a pair.
4. Gertie's Bombshell dress  → I don't know. I'm starting to think this dress is really not for me.
5. Coat/ Jacket                      Planned! The pattern I want to use is in the mail.
6. Something for my
"Scallop Fever" series         Done!
7. Ruby slip                         Ops! I completely forgot about this one!!!
8. Colette's Oolong             This pattern is a fabric eater, so I must find some inexpensive yet cute.
9. Victory Patterns' Hazel    I recently had THE best idea for this pattern!
11. Wildcard!
                                          → Since January, I made lots of dresses, some blouses, two skirts and a  pair of pajama bottoms. See here.

12 New Sewing Techniques and Skills:
1. Boning
2. Hong-Kong finished seams
3. Bound buttonholes
4. Bound neckline placket      See my Banksia's.
5. Waist Stay
6. Zipper guard
7. Sew from a vintage pattern
8. Draft a skirt sloper/block
9. Draft a bodice sloper/block
10. Knit a garment
11. Refashion an unused garment
12. Draft the pattern for an accessory

♥ Host a sew-along on the blog  We might be almost there...
♥ Release a free pattern              I have zero ideas about this one, so I don't know.

I told you, it's bad.
I recently started to plan my sewing a bit more, but I'm afraid a year-long plan was a bit too much for me. I still have four more months to do as much as I can, but I'm almost sure I won't cross everything off list (especially the techniques, if I'm not going to make the Bombshell dress).

What about you? How are your plans going?


  1. Quest'anno non ho fatto dei veri ad ogni modo sono indietro rispetto a tutti i modelli che ho comprato. Secondo me e' utile avere un piano ma senza preoccuparci se non viene seguito. In fondo con tutti i blog riceviamo troppe idee...ed e' difficile riuscire a fare tutto

  2. Esatto, io cambio idea ogni 5 minuti... Ad esempio sto benedetto Bombshell dress, ero pompatissima a farlo dopo aver seguito il corso, ma ora come ora non ho nessuna voglia di mettere ore di lavoro in un vestito che indosserò pochissimo.
    E la voce riguardante il sewalong... GIURO che ti scrivo presto, mi è venuta un'idea!

  3. This is how I used to be with new year resolutions - all good intentions at the beginning of the year then everything just goes out of the window which is why I've stopped making them, haha! You've still got time to meet your goals though, you'll just have to sew like a mad woman! I'm pretty lazy and enjoy procrastinating so I've been recently thinking of making a sewing and blogging plan. We'll see how that goes! x

  4. I'm like that too... A year-long plan was too much for my procrastinating self! :D

  5. Happens to me all the time! Every time I make a plan, the weather changes, I see a new exciting pattern, my fabric and pattern stashes don't work together... At least we're still sewing!

  6. I don't really see any reason why you should hold yourself to this since it looks like with many items you've changed your mind or have forgotten because they didn't hold your imagination. Why don't you create a revised list you're excited about to finish the year with? I'd love to see that.

  7. Ooh, what a good idea to check in with your plan! It's so hard to stick to a plan, isn't it? I just looked over my list, and I've done OK with non-specific goals (i.e., get comfortable sewing knits), but haven't made the specific patterns I picked (the bombshell dress, Clover pants). It's worth reviewing to see what I prioritized early and see how/why I've changed my plan.

  8. Don't fret about not making all of your goals. As long as your working on something - whatever it is - that's all that counts!

  9. I wouldn't worry about your've been doing a lot and it's been so much fun to see all the lovely things you've made. Really!!! So don't fret about not doing everything you hoped you would, you've already done so much! Celebrate all of your new wonderful wardrobe pieces :)


  10. ahah! state già organizzando un sew along? ;) avete visto il mio mex nel forum? Io ci sto!! Pensavo di fare un host a 3 dei nuovi modelli autunnali di Colette Patterns e mi siete venute in mente voi due... dai dai dite di siiiiii!