Saturday, March 23, 2013

Burdastyle Magazine 04/2013

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Now, onto Burda!
I thought my subscription expired, but yesterday I found the issue in my mailbox, which means I won't have to deal with the "will I get it or not?" question. And that's good, because I was seriously undecided.
There's some good:
Stunning, actually!
The bustier-like bodice has princess seams and two small darts. I think this dress could look spectacular on every figure.
The bustier bodice is also available as a pattern, it's styled with an A-line skirt and it looks great.

Maybe not the most original design, but it's cute and summery. I love the little buttons at the back! Absolutely hate the ruffled band on the skirt.
The dog is too cute not to be mentioned.

I'm not big on maxi dresses (I don't know why, really) but this one is seriously cute. I love the necklines of both front and back, and the smocked waist makes it flattering and super comfortable at the same time.

Am I crazy to like this? I think it could be extremely cute (and a bit more elegant) without sleeves.

And this is basically it. There's a couple more nice patterns, but it's stuff I feel I've seen more than once on Burda.
But I'm not finished, because there's also some real ugliness in this issue, and I wouldn't be myself if I didn't complain about it on the Internet.

Not only is this unflattering and dated, it was made in SUEDE.
What. The. Bleep.

I don't know what this is and how is one supposed to wear it, but I hate it.

I'm sorry, many people will probably like it and many girls probably will look very sexy in it, and maybe it would look better if made in a more severe fabric, but I just find it vulgar.

UGH. A sack with ruffled sleeves and bottom.
Can you see the suicidal thoughts behind the model's sunglasses?


  1. Very hit and miss! I don't know what they're thinking sometimes... mostly with the fabric choices that they use!

    Bundana x

  2. Thanks for the preview! It's nice see a few styles before making a committment to buy it.

  3. www.thisblogisnotforyoucomMarch 23, 2013 at 3:59 PM

    I very much love the first and third dress, the rest is, well...I love Burda but sometimes their taste is very dated. nevertheless i buy every issue. There's always at least a handful of good patterns in it and I often alter or combine them.

  4. Funny I had the same picks as yours. I'm just a little bit worried about the second dress as it's gaping on the model's bust, I wouldn't want to flash everyone!

  5. I liked the maxi dress too but I also like the one with the gathered seam at the front. Just not in lace though.

  6. I could think of many uses for the first dress. Not particularly struck with the others. I tend to find just one or two patterns that I like in Burda.

  7. I love these reviews from you, and I adore that top dress!

  8. Even the model in the white dress looks gross. I don't think she's wearing the right underwear. Or maybe it is just vulgar lol

  9. I must say Burda are good at sacks. There are usually a few per issue. Oh and there are usually at least two patterns/styles I like as well so I shouldn't complain. What on earth would happen if I like most styles in each issue. I'd die from over sewing. And a stuffed wardrobe. Perhaps. LOL.

  10. Ha! They really do put out some hideous pieces. Who actually sews them?!!? I do love the first dress and the maxi dress. Possibly enough to buy this issue.