Thursday, March 14, 2013

La Mia Boutique 03/2013

What do you know? First Burda, and now LMB comes out with a pretty decent issue.

There wasn't anything really ugly in this issue, so what you're about to see are the patterns I liked the most or found mildly interesting.

LOVE this dress, especially the little pleats of the skirt and the back neckline. The fabric they used is adorable! I'm not crazy about the cap-like sleeves (do they have a specific name? Enlighten me, please), but they can be easily avoided.
The styling is terrible (no surprise, there).

Such a cute shirt! I love the concealed button-band. The skirt is insanely short.
Again, I love the fabric choice and hate the styling, although I have a bit of a crush on this model and her makeup.

I love trench coats in general and this is no exception. I still haven't decided if I like that it hasn't a lapel, but I think I do.

You can't tell anything in the photo because they made it in black and the model doesn't really look plus size, but all in all, this looks to me like a very flattering dress with some design interest to it. What can you ask more from a plus size pattern (from any pattern, really)?
I really wish they did a better job with the photo.

Now, onto the less exciting stuff.
I don't know about the geometric detail. You need to really like. I think be really nice on a more mature woman.

Lots of interesting stuff going on here: asymmetrical hem, the shirring at the back to give more shape, the square neckline. I don't like everything about it and it's not the silhouette for me, but it's cute.

This doesn't like at all promising on the technical drawing, but once I saw it on the the model, made in a cute print, I really liked it. Again, not the silhouette for me, but it would look stunning on a tall, lean girl.

 I like the skirt, but I really don't get the leather tank top, it's so 90's.

Again, I like the skirt but the top is just a rectangle with armholes, which doesn't flatter anyone.
The styling here reaches its peak of CRAZYNESS.


  1. Forgive my bluntness, but in reference to the geometric applique: I would NEVER wear anything that intentionally framed my cootch. The only time that happens is when we go wall climbing.

  2. WHOA! How the F did I not see that?!?!
    Thanks for pointing that out...

  3. I like it so much when you post LMB's pictures so I can see what's coming. Don't know what's happening in Qu├ębec with LMB, last issue I received is October! It drives me crazy.

  4. They didn't publish anything in November, December and January. The February issue came out late, you can find a preview here on the blog. Their distribution is VERY slow even in Italy, so maybe they're just late.

  5. I know, I saw the same thing on the geometric print dress RIGHT AWAY! There's no need to point out that we're women by framing our crotch and pointing to our chest area... I like the trench coat for sure, but the line drawing looks crazy! Also, I like the black and white dress with long sleeves, but the technical drawing looks so different. It's interesting how patterns can be so different!

  6. If that's the peak of craziness then they're actually doing a lot better than their previous issues! However, that's not saying much is it?!

  7. hehe I think these pattern magazine reviews are my favorite posts that you do ;)

  8. I love the red stripy dress, but not much else I'm afraid - and I do like those slightly odd sleeves! I did think there was something to the geometric dress til I read trumbelina's comment, and now I can't get past that (can't believe I didn't spot that either!).

    Am just new to your blog, but liking these reviews you are doing! :)

  9. Haha gotta love the styling, if I ever made the bottom outfit I would definitely style it with a turban

  10. Same with me, still waiting for the February issue to hit the news stands, and the agents have no idea when they are going to receive it, so thanks again for the preview! There are some interesting models worth trying in fabric. The dress 22 caught my attention on the tech page, as well as the saharienne 16.

  11. Oh definitely, I meant the peak in this issue... Don't get me started on the styling of this magazine. Last month the editor in chief was bragging that they hired a new, young, talented stylist. I see the same s**t as before...

  12. So weird, I usually spot that kind of thing a mile away, I don't know why i was so distracted.
    The technical drawing for the trench coat doesn't seem that crazy to me... There's just a lot of topstitching that looks a bit distracting on the drawing.

  13. Oh ma quante belle cose...quanto vorrei saper cucire <3

  14. Haha, that was the first thing I noticed-- the weird diamond over the crotch! Eek!