Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Me-Made-May Recap and other stuff

So. I wanted to write this post over last weekend, but since every post and email I've written in the last month starts with "I'm sorry I'm so late", let's pretend it's ok. Ok?

May is over and so is Me-Made-May. I knew I couldn't commit to it 100% this year, that's why I only pledged for four times a week, but I was actually still a little disappointed in myself in the end. I ended up with 3 outfits instead of four twice and I completely skipped the last week.
My problem is not so much my me-made wardrobe, as much as the fact I don't have a fixed schedule in my life right now. Some days I leave the house early in the morning and come back at night, others I don't even leave the house at all. Some days I'm at my parents, some days I'm at my boyfriend. This means:
a) I often have to plan my outfit days before I wear them and pack them, and I'm not good at it;
b) Having to plan an outfit in advance, I often choose comfort and "transportability" (i.e. something that doesn't get a wrinkly mess in a suitcase) over style, and not all my me-made-makes are good for this;
c) I have standards for my photographs. A self-portrait in the bathroom mirror with my cell phone just doesn't do it for me. But that means I don't always have time or the right climatic conditions to take out the tripod and shoot a few photos.

The weather this month also didn't help at all: it was too cold for bare legs, but at this point of the year I feel silly wearing tights. In this sense, my me-made wardrobe lacks some versatility because, just like last year, I don't have any pants or jeans made by me, and this is the time of the year when I wear those the most. It's the same resolution I had last year, but I really need to start sewing pants. I've already enrolled in this course and I'd really really love to try this one as well (affiliate links).

Other than that, I'm quite happy with my me-made-items, with their versatility and durability. This Me-Made-May wasn't particularly illuminating, except as a confirmation of the fact that if I commit to something, I really need to stick to that and try to make it work. Half-assed doesn't make me happy.

Anyway, if you didn't see my previous posts, all my outfits are here, with links to individual posts.

Also, my absolute favorite this year were Andrea and Roisin: you girls did a great job and were absolutely inspiring! :D

Now, on to a happier subject: some of you noticed and commented about it, but last week I gave the blog a facelift and I'm very happy with it, especially because I did most of the work myself.
It's not rocket science, but until last year, I didn't know what html code was and now I managed to redesign my blog and make it look as I wanted. Yay!
I also took it a step further and my blog is now Yay!
The comments are still a bit messed up by the move, but I'm taking care of it (hopefully it works...).

Finally, let me announce the winner of one Megan Nielsen's pattern, courtesy of Backstitch:

Congratulations, Mady! You will be contacted shortly for more details!
Thanks to everyone who entered the giveaway.

I will be back very soon with a new finished project (finally!).


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  3. I thought your outfits were great this year! I had a hard time with the challenge too. My schedule is more fixed than yours, but it is still fairly new to me and I am still having to adjust more than I thought I would. It just wasn't a great year for MMM.

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  13. I loved your outfits this year, Anna. And I understand about the difficulty of getting photos. I really struggled with publishing photos that had been taken at the end of the working day when my clothes were rumpled and I knew I looked crap - I suppose maybe I'm vain!

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  15. I totally skipped the last week too! School was out and I had to reason to leave the house - lol :) Isn't it fun to work in html code on your blog, and have it work! I always feel so smart, like I could hack into the national bank... not that I would... well... ;)

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  18. Lurve the new blog design! Your hand-made wardrobe is mega cute and always looks full of versatile did so well getting up even this many posts for MMM. Even if it felt like a mission, I guess its good for seeing where the gaps are in your closet!

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  21. Ahah, yes it is! So empowering!

  22. Thank you so much, Roisin!
    I guess at least a bit of vanity is implied when you post photos of yourself... I mean, I don't see nothing wrong in wanting to appear at one's best!
    You have such a cute smile, you couldn't look back in any of your photos! :D

  23. But at least we made it to the end! Thanks for the nice words! :)

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