Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Burdastyle Magazine 09/2013

What makes a good Burda issue for me is not necessarly that it contains patterns I like and would use, but also that it shows innovation and good taste. I say this because despite all my complaining, I'm a fan of the magazine and I hope that it thrives.
So, this month I'm pretty much satisfied.

 For example, this is a nice take on a shirt dress.
Would I make it for myself? Not necessarily, but I appreciate the idea behind it.

Although I don't really like them together (and styled this way), I like both of these garments, the skirt in particular. Again, there are interesting details and design lines that make me smile.

Ok, these two dresses I don't really like at all but once again I appreciate the design behind them and the fact that they're not just rectangle with holes. They could inspire you as a starting point to make something else (perhaps a little more flattering...).
 I LOVE this dress, although I could never pull off this length. All those gathers make me happy.
 I really like both the top and dress version of this pattern. It looks extremely flattering.
The pants are also very very cute.

Well, this is just a slip, but the darts and pleats at the neckline make it a little more special. I use slips and half-slips a lot din cold months, so I'm always happy to find a new pattern to use.

The plus-size patterns are just so-so this month, but this blouse is really cute. If you use a lightweight material and avoid the pregnancy effect, that is.

And finally, although I usually don't pay too much attention to the children patterns section, I had to include the ones in this issue because they're so freakin' cute! If, like me, you don't have children, most of these could make some very nice presents.

All in all, it's not the best issue of the year, but I appreciate the effort.
What do you think? Did you buy it?


  1. I did buy it mainly for the Asian dress with patterened front/back and black sides (I can see it in black jersey), I also like the dress and pants you showed. The rest is okay but not the white blouses section and the designer set, they are either boring or ridiculous in my opinion! *^v^*

  2. I agree on all fronts! I was so underwhelmed by both the designer patterns and the blouses...

  3. Its the only one I have bought since January, there are quite a few things I might make (trousers and a cardigan)...also, there appears to be a knitting pattern !

  4. I do quite like the dress with all the gathers. It looks hideous in the drawing but in the real life photo it actually looks really demure and 1940s. I think it really depends on the fabric you use.

  5. "not just a rectangle with holes" XD Yea last month's version was a bit better. I was excited about this months because of the shirt section but they were all weird..mostly. Might just pick up the slip pattern on burdastyle XD

  6. this is a strange issue - im not in love, but im not in hate either....i too have a strange relationship with BurdaStyle :)
    love the love love.

  7. I think all issues of the Burda in 2013 was more or less disappointing for me. If I compare these issues with the issues from 60s and 70s., I will find that those issues represesented as high quality as on the runway in 60s-70s), but nowadays I watch these patterns and

    cannot see this excellent refinement and elegant style. (sorry for my english i am still learning it)

  8. Tempting to buy it today for they have some nice patterns this month and i'm after of the baby adorable.

  9. I absolutely love the 40's inspired dress as well (the one with gathers) but as I am short, I am very afraid of the results. I was thinking of shortening to just below the knee... I just love it so much I might just make it and wear very high heels with it everytime :)