Friday, September 6, 2013

La Mia Boutique 09/2013

After the summer break, LMB is back with a new issue and Silvia of Sewing Princess and I joined our forces once again and had a chat on these new patterns. Just like last time, half the patterns in this issue are reviewed here and the rest is on Silvia's blog.
Shall we dig in?

Anna : Oh my goodness, this is so cute ! Perfect for a formal occasion, elegant and very feminine. The only head-scratcher for me is the fabric choice : it’s what they call «tessuto tecnologico » (litterally « technological fabric »), a stretch, syntetic fabric that does not unravel (so there are no hems and seam finishes). I’m afraid this type of fabric could be quite hard to find, especially here in Italy.

Silvia : It’s adorable! And I am not even so keen on pink normally. But when I saw it I started looking for fabric and ordering samples. There are several German online stores that sell jersey lycra (the UK equivalent is Living in Europe gives you many countries to shop from), Minerva Fabrics sells Lycra not to mention Melissa has recently listed a few suppliers that include a wide jersey selection. I believe you need to look for matte jersey similar to thicker dancewear fabric.

Anna : Gorgeous outfit. I love the cowl neck and the inverted darts on the skirt, the overall effect is elegant and modern. I’m also drooling on the fabrics here, they’re just gorgeous.

Silvia : The picture, colors and patterns are perfect. It’s by far my favorite outfit on this issue. I would love to make the three patterns!

Anna : Another gorgeous top. It’s such a pity they didn’t photograph the back, because as you can see from the technical drawing, that’s where the main feature is.  This goes straight to my to-sew list.

Silvia : It’s been added to my sewing list too! Another great pattern.

Anna : A classic pantsuit with very clean lines. Not for me, but I’m sure it can appeal to many other women. It’s one of those basic patterns that can always come in handy.

Silvia : Love the jacket… clean lines are something I love in a pattern… my list is getting longer… I will have to skip the high-waisted pants. Though I love skinny pants they don’t look right on me. 

Anna : What a gorgeous, gorgeous dress. I’m afraid this might not look as stunning on a curvy lady like me because of the vertical tucks, but I might be wrong.

Once again the fabric choice leaves me a bit perplexed (although I love this color), but you could always use a very « dense » lycra to make this dress.

Silvia : From a design point of those pleats are very nice. Certainly if I run out of projects I will make it!

Anna : First of all : I hate the styling in this photo, I think it totally spoils two otherwise cute garments and makes them look cheap. And I do look both of these, although there’s plenty of patterns for Chanel-inspired jackets around (especially on Burda) and I don’t know when I’ll feel like going through the trouble of making a pair of jeans.

Silvia: I am not into skinny jeans but that looks like a nice pattern. I made a pair of jeans and it was very rewarding (though time-consuming).
Boucle fabrics are something I like on others but I could never picture on me. And  it’s the perfect three-piece sleeve pattern to join the French-jacket sew-along starting  in October organized by Inna.

Anna : Meh. I don’t know. I like the pleats on the top (although together with the waistband, they make it very boxy) and pants are perfectly fine, but I’m not overly impressed by these two. Yawn.

Silvia : I actually love this outfit. It ranks second from this issue. I am planning to make pants this winter and would love to give them a try.

Anna : Yuck. This jacket is so 90’s and not in a good way. I don’t like the length, the pocket flaps and the fabric choice really kills it for me. Maybe it’s for a more mature audience?

Silvia : If I look at the photo where the jacket is worn unbuttoned I am drawn by this pattern. I like it a bit less all buttoned up. I guess you could even shorten the hem and turn it into a shirt pattern. Is it too much office outfits that got to me or am I getting old?

Anna : Yay! Pajama patterns! There are so few of these around! Unfortunately for me, these are for knit pants, which I find a little dowdy. Not that I care about looking all that glamourous wearing pajamas, but I try to stay away from this type of pants. Still, I’m happy they included these patterns, and the top is cute.

Silvia : Ok, I don’t like pink pajamas. They remind me too much of my childhood.
But they are your typical Italian pjs so LMB is true to its Italian Fashion strap line!
But if I find a suitable black knit I will make it…and they come in handy because my mom asked me to make her a pair recently!

Anna : Now, it’s a whole other story when it comes to men pajamas. I hate them, to say the least.
If women can look frumpy wearing PJs, men are bound to. They remind me too much of hospital wear. Thank goodness my boyfriend sleeps in his underwear (TMI?).

Silvia : If you wanted to know what pjs Italian men find in the stores…you now have the answer. That’s probably why not many people wear them. I remember having a hard time finding a flattering pattern for my dad when I was younger. That’s probably why many men wear a T-shirt and underwear.

So, what did you think?

You can find the rest of the patterns in this issue in Silvia’s post.
She’s also giving away two copies of LMB, so if you want one, go ahead and comment over there!


  1. I love these conversations between you and Sylvia!
    As a member of the "more mature audience" I also have to say yuk to that fawn-coloured jacket (though I agree with Sylvia and it could work as a shirt in a lighter, brighter fabric)... And who tucks their pyjama tops into the bottoms?
    All of the pink / lilac garments at the top of the post are very elegant, though.

  2. This LMB is so interesting! I've never sewn anything from it but it has some cute garments which I would totally wear. The skirt with inverted darts, the pleated dress and, of course, the three-piece jacket!

  3. Wish we had that mag over here despite me doing very little sewing and more admiring of others lol.

  4. I hope I didn't offend anyone with that "more mature" comment, I just meant that people at different ages have different taste! Although that jacket is not easy to pull off on anyone, at any age... :)

    I hope they tucked in the pajama top just to show the pants, and that noone really does it!

  5. Oh I certainly did not find the comment offensive (only the jacket - haha). I was actually drafting a post about this only this morning and how my taste has changed as I have got older. There are things I loathed in my teens and twenties that I find quite appealing these days (I am now in my mid forties, so not the most mature audience...) and the same seems to be true of many of my friends.
    I am quite sure that someone will love that jacket - I do think it is the fabric that kills it!

  6. That would be a very interesting read!

  7. oh me oh my, that skirt, that top with the gorgeousness going on in the back & THAT dress! Im in, without a doubt :)

  8. Silvia - Sewing PrincessSeptember 13, 2013 at 3:27 PM

    Couldn't agree more! Though I still feel in my twenties my sense of what is appropriate has changed through the years. I would love to read your post too!