Thursday, September 19, 2013

ON SALE : Sewing and Crafting Classes

Today I want to share about a couple sales that are currently going on and you might be interested in.

First of all, Creativebug is offering 1-month membership at 9.99$ for the month of September (usually 24.99$). This means you'll have unlimited access to all the workshops of the site, which are really A LOT.
I particularly enjoyed Gertie's workshops (see my Sailor Collar Blouse here), but I also enjoyed Cal Patch's classes and I tried a couple knitting workshops.
I think it's a very good deal, the workshops are almost all quite short, so you can take a lot of them in a month's time.

Craftsy is also having a huge sale to celebrate reaching 2 million members. This is a perfect chance to try one of their classes, starting at $9.99.

I would seriously enroll in all of the sewing classes available if I could, but I am especially tempted by "40 Techniques Every Sewer Should Know" with Gail Yellen, "Sew Better, Sew Faster - Garment Industry Secrets" with Janet Pray and "Fast-Track Fitting" with Joi Mahon (can you tell I want to learn to sew faster?). Here is a link to all Sewing Classes on sale.
Oh, and there are also some new photography classes that I'd love to try out...

The sale ends on Saturday, September 21st, so hurry!
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  1. Thanks for letting me know about the creativebug special, what a deal! Seems like Gertie's presence is waning or gone from craftsy and I wouldn't have known where to find her if it wasn't for your blog (I don't recall her mentioning creativebug on her site). Much appreciated!

  2. If you really like it, maybe you can try and lengthen the bodice?

  3. If it's not bulky and it has drape... I'm not too familiar with wool crepe, sorry!

  4. Keep an eye on the Aub├ępine section of the "addicts" blog ( This way you'll see a multitude of versions!

  5. I am watching that space like a hawk already :)

  6. I love it ! I am just discovering your blog and I love your world.

  7. Love your dress! I'm going to have to order this pattern! The color looks really good with your hair too!

  8. That takes skill haha. Skills that i'm not sure I possess! Still there's a first for everything I suppose.

  9. Hello Anna! I am thinking of taking the "Sew better, sew faster" class on Craftsy. Any comments? Have you taken the class and if yes how is it? Does it really help to sew faster? Any other recommendations?

  10. Hi Katerina, unfortunately, I haven't taken that class yet although I'd really like to. So far, I only took Gertie's classes, which I loved, Susan Kahlje's Couture Dress class (which is very informative, but a bit boring for my taste) and I enrolled in Pants Fitting Techniques but haven't had the time to take it yet.
    Try looking up for reviews online and if you decide to take it, I recommend waiting for it to go on sale (there are always sales at Craftsy for one class or the other).
    Hope it helped!