Thursday, February 13, 2014

Burdastyle Magazine 03/2014

I was ready to write an enthusiastic intro to this post, but then looking back at the patterns I selected from this March issue I'm not so convinced anymore. I know I tend to be hypercritical toward Burda, but... I don't know, let's just see.
Ok, strangely enough, this is my "coup de coeur" of the month. It's very similar to a pattern from last month (that Pauline has compared to something from the last collection of Chanel Couture), and I'm not too, too crazy about the squared neckline, but ever since this top appeared recently on Katey and Laney I'm more and more in love with this silhouette.

I'm really in love with the dramatic sleeves of this dress, but I really dislike the neckline (or lack thereof). Why does it look dramatically different on the model, though? I like it so much more in the photo!

Nice! I used to dislike bomber jackets, but after seeing a few Rigel bombers by Papercut pop up, I'm really warming up towards this style.

I have mixed feelings: on one side I like cropped blouses with a high-waisted skirt (since I wear this style 99% of the time), and the little details (such as the collar) are very cute here, but on the other, I don' know how practical this style can be (meaning: if I raise my arms, will I flash everyone?).
The skirt is quite blah, although I like the exposed darts in the back.

I can't decide if I like this blouse or if only like the photo... Those sleeves are probably very impractical, but I like how they look in a sheer, flowy fabric.

March also automatically means bridal issue. I'm not too impressed with this one, but these two vintage-y patterns are really cute and chic. The fit of the first one is not great on the model, which is a pity.
Plantain with a weird pleat on the front? Not crazy on this one.

Beautiful gown! I don't have an occasion for it, and the shape would look tragic on me, but it's stunning nonetheless.

Same thing for this dress. The proportions would look tragic on my shape, but it's an extremely cute dress for ladies with a slender figure :)

Finally a couple of gorgeous dresses for the plus-size ladies. Burda very often offers boxy, dowdy looks for plus size women, but when they do it right, it's with stunning results.

Final balance... I know myself, when in doubt, I probably won't be able to restrain myself and will add this one to the collection.
What about you guys?


  1. Those last two dresses are stunning.

    I also like the bomber style jacket and the odd no neckline dress. Love the little cropped top. Hate the dropped waisted skirt.

    I don't subscribe but I really liked the February and March issues! Now I have to get my hands on one :)

  2. For me - dress 107 and 120 but not from that busy print fabrics! Also dresses 108 and 116. I like the black jacket/skirt combination, too.

  3. I wish I could look at these magazines, but they get my wheels turning and I end up with a 2 page sewing list!

  4. I love the plus size section in this issue. Thank you for the review!

  5. I did not yet find my favourite from this collection but in general I think Burda has had way better photos lately at least in the Feb issue (it seems to continue in this one as well), also their fabric choices have been improving a lot!

  6. I love the details on that cropped shirt, but I think I would be compelled to lengthen it!

  7. I dunno, I like to think about it. Once I have had time to consider fabrics. The fifth photo is so cool. I love the fabrics of the first 5. I don't know if I would sew anything though.

  8. Honestly, I bought this burda issue only for the yellow dress. My brother is getting married this summer, so it's a good occasion to sew such a dramatic dress ! I can already imagine how it will look while dancing <3

  9. When I'm confronted in store with the question: Buy the new issue or not? I always just look at the summarizing page with the patterns. First there were just two patterns, I found useful: the bombshell jacket and the five pocket style trousers. Some basics. So I bought the issue. But then at home I discovered the dress (second picture in your post) and I'm in love with it! Funny how your judgement just reflects my thoughts. The drawing of the pattern doesn't look that convincing, but the ready made piece... And I'll definitely add a neckline to it :)
    And I really love the whole shooting with the kids clothes which is actually always the part of burda I casually tend to ignore.

  10. Haha, I absolutely know what you're talking about :)

  11. Oh, the March issue is lovely! I am so in love with this dress and this ensemble !

  12. I wish these plus size patterns came in smaller sizes as well, I really love those!

  13. Actually that first dress does have a neckline, it is a boat neck, with little ends cap riding over the shoulders. I think the drawing is confusing, perhaps if they had shaded the sleeve caps so you could see it's not really open there. To my eye, with that in mind, it looks just like the photo.

    The cropped blouse is a bit longer than it seems, about 2+ inches. They seem to have it tucked in at the center front.

  14. Ooh, I get it now, the technical drawing really confused me!
    Thanks for both clarifications :D

  15. They are on trend with the bomber jacket. The plus size dress is lovely.