Saturday, May 17, 2014

Burdastyle Magazine 06/2014

Here we go again!
I'm quite pleased with this issue and there are a few patterns I like (yay!), so, for once, I will start with the uglies.

UGGGHHHH. Rectangles!!!
As Lauren of Lladybird once did, I find myself having to quote Michael Scott. Enough with the freakin' rectangles!

So ugly.
I hate everything about this romper, down to the thigh binding, which manages to look ugly on the model's perfect thighs.

I liked this so much in the photo, and then I was extremely disappointed by the technical drawing. Overdesigned and awkward. Pass.

It's cute, but Carme blouse much?

I liked this at first, but the more I look at it, the more awkward it feels. I was probably attracted by the print.
I dunno. Too gimmicky, maybe?

Now, onto the good better stuff.
The racer back tank is a great basic and it could come in handy especially to those who sew their own workout gear (like a few more patterns below).
I used to own a skort exactly like the one pictured here in my tennis-playing years, and I loved it to pieces. Again, it feels a bit awkward, so I dunno.

I probably won't make these for myself, but as I mentioned before, this is a cute activewear pattern.

And so are these pants. I probably wouldn't be caught dead in them outside the house, but I'd like them as loungewear or pjs.
The blouse is cute but I'm not sure about the way it hangs off the shoulders...

Two very simple dresses that I probably wouldn't consider for myself, but would look great on a lot of women.
Also, I love the styling in this photoshoot, for once! The shoes in this issue are almost all drool-worthy.

I'd love this a lot more without the pleated panel, I think it's too much. The shoulders are pretty fab, though.
It's a pity they made it in such a dark colour, concealing all the pretty details. And what's with all the three-quarter posing?

Coup de coeur of the month! Feminine, elegant, flattering. I'm in love!

Finally, plus-size patterns!
The offerings in this section are not earth shattering this month, but this dress is worth mentioning. It looks very flattering.

I really like this slouchy blouse with the front slits, but the pants are offensive. They would be unflattering on basically any size... Yuck.

And that is it!
What do you guys think of this issue?Will you buy it? Or like me, you'll probably just drool on the shoes?


  1. I think it's worth it for a couple of the dresses. I know so much of the magazine often seems terrible, bit even if you get two good patterns out of it, it's worth it considering the price of an individual pattern. Thanks for your review - I'll keep my eye out for this issue!

  2. You and I are definitely agreeing on these- especially those last pants, a China travesty!

  3. You've convinced me never to buy burda style!!

  4. Since I started following you, I always think "What will Anna say to this issue or this special pattern?" Haha, I actually thought you'll hate the whole issue for all the rectangle stuff inside. Well, I hatet it for all the dress patterns that could have been good basic ones but were messed up with strange sleeves, necklines or inventive other thingies...

    By the way: Why do I have to accept to let diqus see all my email addresses and other stuff to sign in with my google+ account?

  5. I suppose you could pop your arms into the side rectangles of the first top if you got chilly. Or a pair of sausage dogs. Your choice...

  6. Those shorts were very, very on trend in Australia this past summer. They were not flattering on most of the people I saw wearing them!

  7. Oh I think I will pass this time... I have not had time to browse it, but I have a feeling the patterns I like have already been/seen in other burdastyle.. And that first top - what are they thinking?

  8. Can't believe you didn't comment on this model pose from the day glo collection!: