Sunday, May 4, 2014

La Mia Boutique 05/2014

For someone like me, who's not the best at photo editing and has a crappy scanner, preparing images for this type of post can be a rather long process.

So when, like this month, the content of the issue is not exactly stellar, I find myself a little frustrated by all the work and I don't really feel like writing a long commentary.

So please excuse me if I'll keep my review of LMB for this month rather short, but I'm not in the mood XD
I'll proceed in the order the patterns are presented in the magazine, and not by preference.

Eesh. When the second pattern in the issue is this dowdy, you know it's not going to end well.

Even the model is not happy with this unflattering, sad dress.
Nope, it seems like it's her standard face. Or she's not happy with this one either, which would be understandable, as it is, again, very unflattering, and straight out of a New Years party in 1998.


This is actually cute and I would wear it. Although I would probably style it better in the dark...

Eh. Cute? It's an H&M design, though, which seems pretty desperate to me.
All that gathering might not be for everyone.

The top might be cute although, again, not really for everyone. The skirt is too ugly to even consider it.
Again, tragic styling.

Boring skirt, over-designed blouse. BURN THOSE SHOES.

The top is actually incredibly cute! YAY! I found something I would make!
The pants are fine, although pretty standard.

Super cute dress, completely ruined by that gingham monstrosity.

To say this is not my cup of tea would be an understatement, but at least it's mildly interesting.

If you want to see the rest of the patterns in this issue, here they are:
Click here for full size
Aaand... I'm out. As anticipated, quick and painless!
And pretty bitchy too, I realize. I hope you guys don't mind :D


  1. Your review is funny - as always :) Funny bitchy is good!

  2. Don't mind at all, you're completely right in a very funny way ;-)

  3. Ha ha ha! Does that skirt #16 say '1992'? I think it was the year of inspiration for most of the pieces you've shown us!

  4. Seriously, why would they make an outfit that had tons of details in black? I couldn't even tell that the two black ones were anything out of the ordinary until I saw the line drawings.

  5. LMB is not to blame for the color of the clothes because they take ready-to-wear and publish patterns from them. I must admit in this case my crappy scanner didn't help to see colors better, but styling has its fault here.

  6. Woof! These are awful! The only thing I like is the printed pants, and that's only because of the print!

  7. LMB has lost its fashion touch, it seems. Who does that crappy styling????

  8. Love your review! I get some chuckles out of it every time. The styling is rather bad everytime?! I don't get the gingham insert in that cute white dress.

  9. Gosh it looks like most of the magazine is from the early 90s! Terrible!!

  10. I actually enjoyed your bitchyness.! and totally agree with you.

  11. Don't worry about bitching. I agree wholeheartedly with your assessment of the patterns. It seems they are going to way Burda did last year...

  12. I just had a good laugh! That model's face. She really seems to be quite annoyed! Btw: Thanks for taking the time to show us the patterns of the different magazines. I always enjoy to read your posts!

  13. Hang on a minute, dress #4 is not even the same as the picture!!! See the pleat running down on the right, and the bust is gathered and not layered!!!

  14. Oooh, gotcha. I just scrolled through them again, and they're still hard to look at.

  15. I was thinking the same thing! These patterns are all a pretty sad.