Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Burdastyle Magazine 05/2014

I'm so very late with this review, so let's get started immediately, because I know you were holding your breath for it, right? Right?

Let's start on a positive note, with the patterns I liked in this issue.
This dress is the first one: very simple and casual, but I really like the smocked middle section (comfy!) and it reminds a lot of a dress from a Gertie's workshop on Creativebug that I've wanted to make since last summer. Cute.

Simple, feminine, flattering. Great!

This more elaborate variation is for those who love a more modern look, and it's equally beautiful.

 I really, really love this blouse! Again, it's simple and casual, but so cute!

Love the smock, again! It looks great with the striped fabric.
The vest is not my cup of tea, but it's interesting.

Lots of potential in these two patterns. They're definitely not my cup of tea (too much decolletage), but I'm sure a lot of you will love them and will make great things with them.

 Eesh. Too complicated and bulky. Also, I hate how it was styled. Hard pass.

Too fussy for me, but as a couple patterns above, I'm sure many of you will make wonderful things with this one.

And the same goes for this one. I'm not a fan of draped/cowl necklines, but they're definitely flattering.

Had to include some WTF-ery, hadn't I?
The first outfit is completely crazy, IMHO, and in the second one the pants could be fine (although that photo kills them) and the top is out of the "rectangle collection by Burda". You know, one of those patterns that really pisses me off.

And finally, plus sizes!
There are some gems for the plus-sized ladies in this issue, especially the first dress! Very flattering, and the fabric they chose is just perfect.

That's it for this month!
This issue has a couple interesting things, but is it worth buying? What do you guys think?


  1. I bought it just for the fussy striped shirt and the pretty little buttoned blouse. I feel like both of them have a lot of potential. Summer patterns are usually pretty slim pickings for me, so I don't buy a lot of their summer issues. Summer is also when "rectangle" issues show up and that just kills it for me. I get that some people just want to dash off something quick for the hot weather, but it just never appeals to me.

  2. Lovely to hear your views. There's not much to grab me here although I quite like the smocked dress and skirt and the cowl neck dress. The others look too fussy to me. But I love to see others opinions , so different.

  3. I fell OUT over the April issue. Loved, loved, loved. And then was very MEH on this one. And was surprised that so many people loved it.

    It is always mildly entertaining to read reactions to new patterns. Just highlights how different we all are...which is awesome :)

  4. Thanks for the review, love the first smocked dress, so much so I might actually find the time and patience to trace the pattern! I always intend to have a go and then get completely freaked out by the jumble of coloured lines!

  5. This issue was well worth buying. Haven't liked an issue of theirs this much for months. Already made the shirred dress :) will be blogging soon!

  6. I love this collectio, it's so pretty!

  7. I saw the casual blouse you like is available as a downloadable pattern on the Burdastyle website (it's called 'satin blouse' there, in different fabric) and I've favourited that one. I too like the first dress with the smocking but I don't see on the new patterns as a downloadable, although some of the other dresses from this issue are there.

  8. Lol! I have to agree with the WTF-ery! The shirred dress is fab!

  9. Good on Burda, I love the WTF-ery - at least they have some imagination! The first dress, with the stripes and smocking, is simple and gorgeous.

  10. Yay I love your Burda reviews - I look forward to them more than the magazine. That white mini-skirt is astounding. It looks like it has sea urchins clinging to it on the line drawing...

  11. I love your Burda reviews, it is great to hear someone else's opinion! I subscribe to the Finnish version of Burda, so I still have to wait a couple of weeks for my magazine. I love Burda, but I agree that some patterns and issues are...questionable. With this issue I have the opposite problem - so many things I want to sew!

  12. I was browsing the magazine yesterday and I thought of you, especially when I got to the WTF-ery patterns, haha. I thought the trousers look as if she's wearing a nappy. Am I too mean?

  13. Baaaahahaha! That white skirt is ridiculous!! OMG. I really like the second dress in the post - it is so pretty and flattering - love the shape and the little sleeves! Also I really like the striped "fussy" shirt - very cool with the multi-directional stripes! :)

  14. This one it really inspiring, love the prints, very summery and my style.

  15. I think I'd only go as far as to say I like the look of the first two... and even then, the second one is so similar to other patterns that are around, I couldn't justify buying this one!

    I agree with Mrs Smith - after the last edition, this one feels like a come down! But at least that takes some pressure of the sewing queue...