Friday, April 11, 2014

Burda Easy SS 2014

I haven't been a big fan of this biannual special issue of Burda in the last couple of years because the tendency to dumb patterns down that we noticed in regular Burda is even more evident here.

Moreover, this magazine costs more than the monthly version but offers way less patterns. In this issue in particular, while I was looking at the preview, I felt like there were very few patterns repeated a lot of times, and they basically didn't even bother with variations. On the upside, Burda Easy usually has slightly better instructions and the patterns are easier to trace.

Let's see, shall we?


This dress pattern with a sweetheart neckline is actually adorable! I really like all the variations included and the skirt is a decent dupe for the Kelly skirt pattern by Megan Nielsen.
That ruffly thing they added to the first dress, though, symbolizes everything I don't like about Burda.

This, I also really really like. Bomber jackets seem to be really in fashion right now, and if you're looking for a simpler version of the Rigel bomber by Papercut, this might be a good option.

This top/skirt combo is repeated, as is, at least three times in this issue, and I don't really see the need for it. This is not my cup of tea at all, but I guess it would look cute on a younger/thinner girl. Not setting my world on fire, though.

I personally think jumpsuits can be extremely stylish when done and styled right, and worn by the right girl, but this just looks like the thing my dad wears when he's working in the garage. No, thanks.

 This is slightly better, but I don't like the double tie. A regular belt might look better with this one.

Meh. The jacket (blouse?) is cute but boxy and the skirt is definitely not my style at all, but it's not bad.

Uh... no. I'm a huge fan of pinafores and dungarees, but I just don't like this. The shiny fabric is not helping.

Meh again. I'm not a romper kinda girl, so I don't know. I like the zipper in the front (feels practical), but the bodice seems pretty boxy.

What do you think, guys?
There's some good and less good, but is it worth buying?
I'll definitely pass as none of these patterns add something to my (already too big) collection. What about you?

[Please don't ask me if this magazine is available in your country, I don't know! That's a question you should ask to whoever distributes Burda where you live]


  1. I have a regular Burda subscription and have actually bought the latest Burda easy (as well as the autumn/winter issue from last year) and have already sewn a floral bomber from it.

    Yes, it is more expensive than the regular issue and yes, there are less patterns. But I like that most of the patterns are a bit more modern than some of the regular patterns. And of course there are the advantages you mentioned (better explanations which can be helpful to understand the instrucions of the regular Burda as well, easier to trace).
    Another huge plus for me is that they usually include size 34 for all patterns, which is not always the case for the regular issue. For a petite girl like me, this is really helpful, because I don't want to spend all that time tracing a Burda pattern AND grade it down on top of that. And after all, an issue with a handful of patterns with variations (which I actually quite like, because even if you don't want to sew all of them, they show what you can do with a basic pattern and some minor alterations), even if you don't like all of them, is still less expensive than buying an indie pattern.
    So for me, at least this time, it was worth buying the issue. But still, like you, I always look at the patterns first and question, if I REALLY need them in my colletcion or not.
    Also, I'd like to say, that I really enjoy your sewing magazine reviews! Even if I don't always agree (due to another taste in fashion) it is always fun to read your posts and I often laugh out loud, especially about your critical remarks! Thank you for that! :)

  2. I like that! Looks like an ideal jacket for summer