Monday, August 11, 2014

Burdastyle Magazine 08/2014

Hello, guys! Guess who's back?

Wow, almost two months without blogging. That had never happened before, and I honestly didn't expect it. And I really missed it!
Everything's fine here, I've just been very busy with a new sewing commission job (sewing for money= YAY!), added to the two jobs I already had. Moreover, July wasn't a very easy month for me emotionally, because, as you might know if you follow me on Instagram, I took the heartbreaking decision of finding a new (more suitable) home for my dog Dora, and it really took a toll on me, both before and after she left.

But anyway, I'm back with my favorite type of post to write and I hope I can get back on schedule!
I'm already sad I skipped the July issue of Burda (although I could write a review just for fun... what do you think? Yes, fun? No, pointless?), so let's get busy dissecting the August issue!

I'll start with the patterns I like, because I'm in a good mood.
The skirt here looks a bit like Megan Nielsen's Kelly, which is one of my favorite skirt patterns ever. This one is simple and cute, love it!
The shirt pattern is definitely an interesting one, with the draped detail. I also like the shoulder seam moved to the back, the back hem and the neckline.
I could not hate the fabric choice more, but that's no surprise.

Very cute and interesting dress, not to mention great for all those of you who are into color blocking. There's also another version, made in just one solid fabric, but I don't see the point of all those complicated seams if you don't want to play up the paneling.

I feel like I've seen this dress before in the magazine at some point, but that happens often with Burda. I don't like the asymmetric skirt, but that's about it. The pleats around the neckline are a very sweet detail.

The top here has potential, and like the dress from before, could be great for some color blocking experiments.
The skirt is really not my cup of tea, although on the right figure and made in the right fabric, it could look really cute.

Eh. I don't know. I like this jacket, but the sleeves are just too, too big for me and the photo kinda ruins it for me...

HORRIBLE sack of horribleness.
The shape is terrible and those neckline pleats look like an afterthought.

Mmh... No. This could be cute, but all that gathering at the waist and back opening really cheapens it and makes it hard to wear. Missed opportunity!

Very, very cute shorts (although, we've seen them a million times from Burda).
The blouse is a very difficult shape to pull off (especially if you're curvy)... Again, not my cup of tea, but I'm pretty sure someone else could make wonderful things with this pattern, and wear it beautifully.

Finally, plus size patterns!
The top is cute, if a little boxy.
The pants look incredibly cheap, with the elasticated waist. I mean, they're probably comfy, but do you really want formal wear with an elasticated waist? Can't we leave that to sweat pants?

Gaaah, another missed opportunity. A cute, flattering dress completely ruined by that draped handkerchief on the side... Why, Burda, why?

This issue has been out for a couple weeks, now, so if you like it, go get it before it's gone! I'll skip this one, as I'm not really in love with anything here...
The September issue is usually a pretty exciting one in Burda land, so... fingers crossed! 


  1. Hi, Anna! Glad you're back! I was really missing your reviews! :) And yes, I hated this issue and the past one, too.

  2. Hi Anna, Great to have you back. Unfortunately , having a subscription, I`ve got this Burda in my mailbox, as the other one too , both really awful . In this issue I must say that the skirt you pointed out and also the short jacket 125 might save it for me. Thank you for the review.

  3. I'm really sorry to hear about Dora, Anna. We had to do the same thing with our second cat about a year ago, and it was a really tough experience. In our case, our two cats were not getting along and we tried for almost a month to get them to play nice, but every day was miserable. We realized it wasn't a good life for us, or for them, so we re-homed the second cat. I felt like such a bad person, like I should have just tried harder and that I was just too weak, and I was worried everyone would judge us, thinking we were terrible people for giving up a pet. And afterwards, I really grieved because I thought of all the good times with the cat, and it made me wonder if I gave up too soon and it just also made me sad to miss her. It's hard, but I'm sure you did the right thing, both for yourself and for Dora. I'm sure she will miss you as much as you miss her.

  4. I'm glad to see you back. It must have been so hard to see Dora go, I hope you can start to feel more normal soon. I'm sure you did the right thing.
    For me my favourite thing is the jacket with the bell sleeves, but I'm not grabbed by anything else. Like you I'm not a big fan of asymmetry or weird gathers handkerchief bits!

  5. I'm glad to read from you! Welcome back to your blog, we've been missing you.

  6. Welcome back!! I have missed your posts! There is something I quite like about the green dress with the back cut out but I put off by the drawstring!!

  7. was wondering where the hell you've disappeared.. i actually quite liked this issue.. has already made that missed opportunity dress, and couldn't be more pleased with it :) just need a bit of free time to photograph it

  8. So glad to hear from you! And if you decide to write a review on the July issue I can promise you I will read it :)

  9. It's great to read you again! Welcome back (to your own blog, seems a bit strange)! Sorry to hear about your dog, but it must have been the best decision for everybody, please, don't feel too bad about that.

  10. I'm new to your blog, but have enjoyed going back through the archives looking at your dresses. I'm sorry to hear about your dog. That would have been very difficult. In the Burda mag, I wonder if the last dress has a variation without the drape. I guess that would be just a regular pencil skirt.

  11. Seems like Burda messed up an issue that could have been way better without all those poorly placed details...

  12. Wow. I thought this was a really good issue actually. The cropped jacket worn by the Djane is really great if you look at the tech drawing. The green dress - cheap???? That tasteful little cut out at the back? Seriously? Next to all the short skirts and ultra crop tops and hi-low skirts that overdo it, this is anything but cheap, and I find some exposed back skin to be one of the classiest sexy looks. The peter pan collar jacket is an awful pic but the jacket itself is really stylish, and my sis who is plus sized and very stylish loved those Hudson style track pants.. The pleat skirt we are in agreement about - I am so pleased to finally find a pattern similar to the Megan Nielsen one which is totally cute from the front but so unflattering from the back on anyone with a bit of a butt or hips.

    Sad about your dog - I don't do instagram or twitter or any of this stuff - I already spend too much time on the net as it is - so I have no idea what happened. But I really hope you are feeling better now.

    I was going through a terrible time a while back as we adopted this 10 year old persian whose owner died and was unwanted - a total sweetie - and the reigning queen of the house has been such a beeeetch with him for months and months.... half his size and she's such an alpha bully. I thought of trying to find him another home and reasoned that on the whole he was happier here than in a darn sanctuary as nobody wanted him. Anyway, last night I found them both sleeping on my bed when I woke up.... adorable. So please, people, give it time. REally.

  13. you did. Give up too soon, I mean. It took almost two years here, but in the meantime, nobody killed each other, and now they are actually taking turns to have the fishing line game - instead of one attacking the other while they're playing. Cats are territorial, much more so than dogs. You cannot expect them to accept another cat immediately. You need to do it properly, keeping the new cat in a room, introducing them to each other's smells on an old sock or something, and so on - there's loads of info out there. That alone took me two weeks.

    I just hope you rehomed the cat with a home where they will keep him and he will be happy. Don't adopt any more cats unless you are ready to do it properly and make a real effort. It's very unkind to animals to take them in and then - they're out.

  14. Francesca--While I appreciate your opinion, we did everything by the book and things were getting WORSE after a month. The cats were always in separate rooms, we used socks, treats, playtime, etc. We were reading all the books on cats, and were talking with our vet about hiring an animal behavior specialist. We did not make this decision lightly. Our first cat had out-of-control anxiety, wouldn't eat anymore, wouldn't drink anymore, wouldn't do anything anymore really, and she was just constantly on edge. The new cat was starting to go stir-crazy and it seemed unfair to keep her locked up in a room, not able to be a real kitten, just because the two couldn't get along. So yes, you are correct, that perhaps if we would have given it more time, two months, two years, however long, they *may* have eventually began to get along. But to me, that is unkind, more unkind than to try to adopt properly, to realize it's failing, and to make a decision about it. It didn't seem right to either animal to force them to live in a life we were forcing upon them that was clearly making them both miserable. Our first cat clearly prefers being alone, so we allowed her to live that way, and we will never try to adopt a second cat as long as the first one is still alive, since we saw how badly she handled it. The second cat did go to a great new home (as most young kittens do since people love adopting babies) and I'm sure she is much happier having her own house to play in instead of being cooped up in one room. Please realize that everyone's situation is different, and that you shouldn't just assume someone did something irresponsibly just because they did it differently from how you did.

  15. That wasn't my assumption, Nicole. It just seemed a very short time. And after going through this experience more than once, I have learned that they eventually adapt and learn to cohabit even if they never make friends. A kitten is a different story, though - easier to rehome properly - and we have a habit of taking in underdogs - literally, not just cats - and they always seem to be adult cats who nobody wants - so sad, when they always really appreciate being in a home instead of a house and usually are brilliant companions, especially with people who work - kittens need playtime and supervision and company, older cats are happy sleeping all day and cuddling up all evening. Bechy the alpha was adopted when I had adult Lucy, who went into a depression but luckily eventually got out of it. I adopted Mehi who was also homeless at 12 (she's now 21) when I was living abroad and my sis was here with Lucy and Bechy - the return home from my posting wasn't easy but eventually it worked out. And now they are three, since Lucy left us at 21.
    I think you made a really wise decision - ie not to adopt a second cat whilst this one is still alive. It's a shame they didn't get on.

  16. i love, love, love that first dress (and the second one too!). do you know how one can go about purchasing that issue? thanks! :)