Friday, April 15, 2011

The best of the week + Stylish Blogger Award

This week I thought to change things up a bit, so here are three non-sewing related links:

1. A hair tutorial for a cute braided half-updo at Vivat Veritas.
2. Want to learn how to do fishtail braid? Here's a tutorial at Grosgrain.
3. How many talents does Casey have? I really wish I could make jewellery as nice as this necklace!

Lorena from Elloh Handmade has kindly nominated me for the Stylish Blogger Awards... Thanks!
So here are 7 facts about me:
1. I'm in a relationship and I live with my boyfriend, Alessandro. 
2. I used to play the piano. I hated my teacher so much that I lost all my love for this instrument after 5 years of study.
3. Being a translation student makes it impossible for me to go to the cinema. Movies are dubbed here and I always manage to find translation mistakes when I watch a film, so I can't focus on anything else. Terrible.
4. Last year I started growing my hair after a horrible haircut and I've since used only natural products on it. I also regularly dye it with henna, which makes it a lot stronger.
5. If I'd ever decided to live abroad, my first two choices would be Edinburgh and Paris. I ADORE those cities.
6. I spend way too much money on makeup. Last year, I started to be more interested in it and now I'm kind of obsessed.
7. Although I have a girly taste in clothes, I like rough music. I like metal, hard rock and melodic hardcore. Not many people expect this from me!

I nominate Sarah, Merylu, Ai and Fer to do the same! :)

Happy weekend, guys!

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  1. thank's for nominating me paunnet. ill do the post soon.

    I have to try that henna thing on my hair..i like to experiment with my hair a lot that lately i cut my hair super pixie short.but when i saw that hair tutorial of chie, i regretted a lot why i cut it so short coz i want to do braid my hair since summer is coming. lol
    crazy me.