Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Little blue riding hood

How original: I made another dress from one of Colette Patterns! This time I used the Macaron pattern and it wasn't my first time, so I managed to whip it up in about three-four hours.
This time I used a black knit and a lightweight blue cotton which is supposed to be, once again, a Valentino fabric (that's what I was told by the lovely lady who sold it to me for a very good price).
Anyway, designer fabric or not, I love it! I think I could make a dozen dresses from this pattern and wear them all year long. They are extremely comfortable to wear, yet very feminine and flattering.

A big thank you to my friend Ilaria, who told me that these photos have a Little Red Rigind Hood feel to them... I liked her comment so much that it became the title of this post.
Lately, I feel very inspired by these woods that surround my parents' house, so you'll probably see them often!

I probably shouldn't post this last photo because I look very silly, but while I was shooting, my dog was running around acting funny... For those of you who have dogs, do they ever slide on their ass? Mine does it a lot and every time I can't stop laughing!


  1. I love the Macaron Pattern! I think it's my favorite thing to sew. Really versatile and I always imagine it in a million different colourways!

  2. @Stevie
    I'm glad I'm not the only Macaron fanatic! I think I'll do at least a third version using lace or something sheer for the top part.
    And I forgot to write about the hidden pockets... Aren't they THE BEST? :)

  3. ah! I was wondering if you sewed the dress on your new facebook picture! It is adorable! <3 I would buy it at once, if I saw it anywhere. ;) I should really try the Macaron, too. I already made the Rooibos and the Beignet. Unfortunately, I am totally broke, though it is just the beginning of this month! >_<...so that will have to wait! :)...by the way, you can look forward to open your mailbox very, very soon! ;)

  4. @nette
    Thank you! Did you post any photos of the Beignet and Rooibos you did? I'm curious! I think you could do great things with the Macaron pattern!
    Yay! Today I saw the photos of the package you sent to Chie and I'm thrilled. I'll be home on friday and I can't wait to open your gift :)

  5. @Paunnet
    I didn't have a blog at that time, but I posted them on burdastyle:



    Sorry, for the facial expression on the rooibos photo!...I guess, it was already too late that day to take photos! :)
    I really like the rooibos pattern and can only recommend it. The beignet did not really turn out, as I would have liked, but after seeing Tilly's uncountable versions, I am surely giving it a try again, soon! :)
    Have you tried other patterns of Colette besides the macaron?

  6. @nette
    They are both adorable!!! <3
    I made two Beignet (one is on Burdastyle) which I haven't worn that much, a Rooibos and a Chantilly that are documented on the blog, and a couple Sencha that didn't turn out as I wished. Now I'd really like to try the Ceylon dress although I dont' have the perfect fabric yet and all those buttons look like a pain in the bum.

  7. It looks beautiful! I haven't tried a Colette pattern yet, but I'll have to! Haha my dog does that too :)

  8. It looks great! I love the blue fabric. And your last photo is cute - I think an 'action' shot always looks good.

  9. Gorgeous! I love the blue print. And your boots are awesome, too.

  10. @Paunnet
    hahaha...you are so right, I have the Ceylon pattern too...but it is just too frightening! :)

  11. pretty dress plus wonderful relaxing surroundings. love the colors too..my favorite.

  12. I'm going to have to purchase this pattern at some point. I'm so envious every time I see a Macaron dress.
    great work :)

  13. @Lorena O'Neal
    Thank you :)
    This pattern is definitely a must-have!