Monday, April 11, 2011

Pay it Forward 2011 Follow Up

Look what I got this weekend in the mail! It's nette's package and it was full of goodies: an adorable small bag (the handstitched cording detail is so sweet), a brooch (which arrived in one piece, YAY!), a stunning embroidered mirror, chocolate and an hello kitty charm. I also get to keep the cute metallic box (I collect them).
Can we do this every month? It felt like Christmas when I opened the package!
Fun fact: my mother is now officially your fan, Nette! She doesn't know any girl about my age who sew, so when I explained her where this bag came from, she was amazed (the cording really conquered her).

As far as my gifts are concerned, I have Ai's address (and your package will be sent soon, I promise!), but Emily, lathelize and Jollypaper still haven't sent me their addresses. Please get in touch with me using the email listed in my profile!


  1. How fun! I really wish I would have participated now!

  2. @Lorena O'Neal
    There is still one "spot" left if you wish...
    Just go to my previous post!

  3. Yeaheeee! <3 I am so so happy that everything arrived safely and in one-pieces! :) You really liked my little prezzies? I tried hard, to do my best! hahaha...send my regards to your mother! :D

    p.s.: I had to order the 'macaron' pattern! Luckily it is easter soon, so my mother was willing to give it to me as a gift! Hopefully, I can make a version just as cute as your blue riding hood! :)

  4. @nette
    Yep, I really really loved them!
    I'm sure you'll do great things with the Macaron... I hope you'll live that pattern as much as I do!

  5. hi paunnet, since nobody replied to my pay it forward post can u just send me your address too? heheh! send it to my email pls at

    thank you in advance.