Friday, June 3, 2011

A Ray of Sunshine

Here's my Ginger skirt from the Colette pattern! I didn't officially participate to the sew-along but I followed all of Sunni's great posts on the construction; yesterday I finally took the time to actually make the skirt and I whipped it in a few hours.

I wanted to post these photos earlier today but I ended up working from morning to night, with a little break for dinner and taking pictures (this also explain the crazy facial expressions… sorry, I was exhausted). You can actually see the beautiful weather here in Italy: it's raining a lot and the temperature is below 15°C. Yay! Today it's a festivity here, so many people were counting on the long weekend and are quite disappointed.

But enough with the context, let's talk about the skirt.
I used some striped fabric cotton with a slight stretch that I had in my stash. I chose it for two reasons stash bustin' and an attempt to include lighter colors in my summer wardrobe. I wanted to make version 3 of the skirt, but I didn't have enough fabric, so I placed the stripes horizontally for the waistband and vertically for the rest of the skirt in order to add some interest. I had included pockets in the side seams, but I ended up cutting them away because they added too much bulk in my already bulky hip area. What else? The instructions are (as always) amazing and it's a very good pattern, although I don't like the A-line shape on me so it won't be my favorite skirt. I think this silhouette looks better on women who are less curvy and taller than I am. It's also a smidge too high waisted for my taste (or am I just short waisted? Do you think I am? I can't tell).

Wow, I wrote a lot! I want to send a big thank you to Sunny for this sew-along and please visit her post where you can find all the other people who participated!


  1. I think the a-line suits you very well, but I agree it sits quite high on your
    Waist. Perhaps you could lower the waistline slightly. Where do you buy colette patterns? Online or offline somewhere in Italy?

  2. @Sewing Princess
    Thank you so much! I guess I should have made a lower waistband.
    I usually buy Colette patterns from a British shop,, which I can't recommend enough, but this one was a gift from lovely Nette ( which I forgot to thank in the post... Shame on me!

  3. This is really lovely!

    But then again, I'm a sucker for all things yellow :)

    Personally, I don't really think it sits too high, I really like the high-waisted look, but maybe if you shortened the skirt a bit (above knee length?) it would look more balanced? In the end it all comes down to your personal preference of course.

  4. @Little Girl in Wonderland
    Thank you! I'll try to pin it to see if it works, although I'm not too keen on short skirts in the summer (that is when I can't wear tights underneath)

  5. I think it looks great on you too! It might look nice being lowered a tad and shortened (for future versions), but I am with the others - this A-line style works great on you. I'm a pretty curvy girl myself and I find it helps hide my flaws. lol

  6. Ma che bella! Mi piace molto la stoffa che hai usato: porta un po' di sole in questi giorni uggiosi :) stamattina mi sono svegliata con i tuoni e lo scroscio della pioggia... yuh-uu :(
    buon umido weekend!

  7. The skirt is adorable! It's a great fit and color for you! I agree that shortening the skirt a wee bit might balance out the high waist, even just a few cm so it's just above your knee.

  8. so pretty skirt as well as the color. i love sunny yellow.

  9. Hi Paunnet, of course you can join us in the June Challenge! I will add you to our particiapnt list. You can also join our flickr group:

    See you, bye, and hey your Ginger Skirt is really pretty! Love it!

  10. Your skirt is gorgeous, and your photos are really cool too!