Wednesday, June 29, 2011

June challenge dress 3 - Fail?

There was a change of plan and I didn't tell you. Do you remember the dresses I chose for the challenge? Turns out I wasn't completely sold on the last two: the shirtdress, I was afraid I wouldn't have  worn it and the one with the peter pan collar needed some adjustements which I hadn't time to make (but maybe I'll still try that pattern in the future). So, after seeing Mathilde's beautiful version of this very simple dress from Burda 05/2010, I decided I could try and make it myself. It's not a silhouette I usually wear (and I still don't know how much I will wear it).

I used a cotton lawn I had in my stash and when I noticed it was going to be too similar to a nightgown, I decided to use grey for the back piece, to create some interest (I love the combination of grey and pink). I modified the button placket on the front piece just sewing the two parts together and putting the buttons as decoration. I was afraid buttonholes would get too stressed over time, since it's a quite snug on the breast area.
The back is very flattering (even on a not-so-fit-looking back like mine). Do you remember I told you I had a very bad sunburn? Here it is:

It would seem that 30+ sunscreen is not enough when hiking. Lesson learnt.
Anyway, I still think it looks too much like a nightgown, although it's much cuter with a cardigan. Please, give me your imput!
Now, just one more dress to go! I hope I'll be able to finish it tomorrow and post photos on Friday. I'll be one day late, but I'm sure you will forgive me. :)

P.s. Isn't that Macaron necklace cute? It' made by the lovely Merylu of Petite Fraise, you can find links to her shops on her blog.


  1. it's a really cute dress.. would be even cuter if you shorten it a bit.. and i love the back of it.. not my type of silhouette though.. i look huuuuge in this type of dresses, so i never ever wear them

  2. the dress is so cute! i love the back - and also the combination of pink and gray as well! i hope your sun burn will heal soon!

  3. Obviously, I love the silhouette, and I do not think it looks like a nightgown!
    But if you still have doubts, you can maybe put a ribbon along the neckline? Or a grey belt? Or make a little big pin (?) to decorate the front?
    (and thank you for have to like my version!)
    (sorry, my english is sooooooo bad!)

  4. Does it fit you properly around the chest? Apart from that (I mean if you just haven't pulled it into place properly before taking the photo) it looks fine to me. Strike a few poses as if you love it and you might start to love it!

  5. @mokosha You're so thin, it's hard for me to believe you can look huge! Anyway, I'm afraid that if I shorten it more, my butt is at risk of showing!
    @chie Thanks, Chie! The skin on my shoulder does not look great, but it will heal soon!
    @mathilde Ne te préoccupe pas, je comprends! Tu peux écrire en Français si tu veux. Merci beaucoup de tes suggestions, l'idée d'une broche est ma préférée!
    @Anonymous I was wearing a horrible stiff bra, but the fit is not excellent. The front bust part should hit a cm or two lower. Thanks for your comment! :)

  6. Hi; I came here from Burdastyle because I recognised this dress! I have sewn one too... I think your dress turned out really cute. It is a wonderful style to wear during hot weather. I made a pair of matching shorts to go underneath because I was worried about the wind blowing the skirt up!

  7. @Carolyn Thank you so much! yes, it's great for hot weather.
    I went ahead and saw your version, it's really adorable!

  8. I have made this dress, too, for a friend of mine. We just didn't manage to take some photos, yet. Actually, I really like this shape and the fabric you chose. Maybe this dress just isn't one for everyday, but more for holidays. I think it will look great, if you spend a day at the beach. You know very comfy and leisure! Wear it with pride!!! :)

  9. @nette
    Thanks, Annette! I'm so curious to see your version!
    I also think it's a good style for vacation, I'll take it with me as soon as I'll be able to spend some time at the seaside!

  10. I think the silhouette is cute. Not all dresses need to be so form-fitting. Sometimes it's good to have comfy simple dresses around and I don't think it looks like a nightgown either :)