Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Google Reader is dead

The moment has come when Google Reader finally stopped working. 
I was very sad when it was announced, since it had been my RSS reader of choice fo years, but we had all the time in the world to find a replacement, and I'm sure you all already did.

It seems to me like the most popular choice around was switching to Bloglovin'. I personally have never been too fond of that because, unless something changed, you can't read a whole post on there, you need to click on the title and it'll open in a new tab. Too impractical for me.
So I tried both The Old Reader and Feedly, and was quickly converted to the latter.
Feedly is the most similar to Google Reader, it allows you to organize your feeds, there a few options on how to visualize content and has lots of shortcut keys to make the reading experience faster.

If you haven't found a new system yet, just know that you can find paunnet on Bloglovin' here, but you can also follow by email (there's a little gadget in the sidebar). 
If you use Feedly like I do, just click on "Add content", search "paunnet" and you will be able to subscribe directly from there.
You can also like my page on Facebook or follow me on Twitter, every new post is announced automatically on there too.

There, you're all sorted out!


  1. Yes, I've gone with Feedly as well. You know, I think most people that I know have... I'm pretty sure that Bloglovin' just seems so popular because of their "claim your blog" racket that has made everyone have to mention them in a post. (I did it too!) Ah well, RIP Google Reader... :)

  2. I also like Feedly better, too. I also don't like having to click a new window to read an entire blog post--to be honest, even on Google Reader, I was more likely to just stop reading blogs that showed up as incomplete posts, just because it was a pain and I have limited reading time. The only advantage I've seen for Bloglovin' so far is that I can sneak on that site at work, and Feedly wouldn't load on their stupid Internet Explorer.

  3. Elizabeth BradfordJuly 3, 2013 at 2:34 AM

    I tried feedly and didn't like it, I've settled on blogtrottr - which sends the new posts as an email, which through filters has helped me get over losing igoogle in Nov. Though they have now decided to start making pay only for greater than 25 feeds which frustrates me, as being into sewing, I follow a lot more than 25 feeds.

  4. I found one that is a lot like google reader that i'm liking, it's called comma feed: http://commafeed.com/