Saturday, May 14, 2011

Highlights of the week and an award

1. Casey posted a tutorial for a beautiful scalloped collar blouse. I think it's gorgeous, maybe because I'm a bit obsessed with scallops lately. Also make sure to check out her other tutorial, for a 1920s inspired chemise blouse at Grosgrain.
2. Zoe made a 50s inspired day dress. I adore the fabric she chose!
3. This clutch by animatrionika is so fashionable. But I must admit that I'm a fan of all of her creations.

Remember when I included a beautiful blouse by Charlotte in my weekly recap post? She's giving it away on her blog!

Finally, it's time for me to thank mokosha for giving me the Adorable Blog Award (sorry, I'm very late!). I'm supposed to answer some questions about me, so here we go:
1. What inspires you to name your posts?
It's usually the post itself (duh), or I often refer to song lyrics or titles.
2. Describe yourself in 4 words.
Nerd, lazy, independent, empathetic.
3. Favorite quote:
"I know I was born and I know that I'll die, the inbetween is mine. I am mine." (it's from a song by Pearl Jam).
I tag anyone who feels like answering these question and share something about them.

Happy weekend, everyone!

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  1. Thanks for sharing my link :) Good luck !