Sunday, May 8, 2011

Happy Mother's Day

My mom in the late 70s
After my recap post today, I thought my mom deserved a little post on her own.
This morning I handpicked a small bouquet of daisies for her and we ate tiramisu to celebrate her.
My mom has always been a big inspiration for me, she always worked so hard while being the best mother to her two children. She helped me to be creative since I was born and taught me to sew when I was a child, trusting me with her notions and fabrics (could I be so selfless with my stuff? mmh...).
I also want to share this picture I found recently of an outfit she sewed for me when I was 4.

Polka dot blouse and skirt, a ruffled collar with a bow and lace tights... Is it bad that these design elements still are probably my favorites, 20 years later?

Anyway, how did you celebrate your mum (or how did your kids celebrate you)?


  1. Happy mommy day to your mom paunnet :-D
    here in poland we celebrate mothers day every may 26 so yesterday i havent got any greeetings yet from my kiddos but back home I got tons of greetings from friends and family.

    my mom used to sew dresses of me too when i was a child. i remember i usually had ruffled collar or that bow dresses paired with lace tights...oh and mary jane shoes too. if not with lace tights, crochet socks with bow ribbon on it. now, i am still loving the style. yey!

    by the way, that is a pretty dress and wonderful picture of you. have a nice day!

  2. Che carina!! Anch'io continuo a vestirmi come quando avevo 5 anni, nel mezzo ci sono stati i terribili anni '80 (fuseaux con l'elastico sotto al piede e felpa della tuta da cui sbucava il *colletto della camicia*, ne vogliamo parlare? O___O) e il periodo figlia dei fiori, ma oggi mi rimetterei tutti i bei vestitini svolazzosi che vedo nelle foto di quando ero piccolina!

  3. @Rosaspina Vintage
    ODDIO, i fuseax con la staffa li avevo rimossi... che trauma!