Saturday, May 21, 2011

Highlights of the week

1. I've found Sarah's blog through Casey's and I've fallen in love with it. Love this dress (and I want her Swedish Hasbeens!)
2. I really liked this tutorial for an easy and cute dress by schwurlie.
3. These pants look great! Great job, Sherry.
4. Want to see a nice refashioning project? Head over to Miss P's blog!

Aaand that's basically it for today, I hope you liked these links
I also hope next week I'll be able to show you the last things I made and that I'm really really satisfied with.

Have a great weekend, people!


  1. Oh i like your weekly highlights.

    by the way, i received your awesome give away. i'm so impressed :-D

    Dziękuje! (thank you in Polish)

    will probably blog about it sooner Paunnet.

    take care

  2. @Ai
    yay, I'm glad you liked it! Non c'è di che! (you're very welcome in Italian)