Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Moodboard Wednesday

I recently discovered Pinterest (thanks to my dear Merylu) and I've literally fallen in love with this site. There's so much... awesomeness! It's really inspiring and I've already discovered a lot of interesting stuff.
Anyway, I thought that I can get some content for my blog while I spend hours browsing through the site (seriously, it's a drug). I hope you'll like this new weekly feature and maybe get some inspiration from it.
Enjoy the eye candy!



  1. Uuuh ma vedo solo ora questo post! :D noto con piacere che sei entrata nel pieno dell'atmosfera di Pinterest :) quante belle cose hai scelto! Le ballerine sono deliziose, i cuori carinissimi e i timbrini a forma di gelato?!? sto impazzendo!
    supersmack :)

  2. Oh I just love Olivia Palermo! She's got the wardrobe I'd die for :)