Monday, November 7, 2011

Inspiration: Lemon Breeland

Hart of Dixie is one of Cw’s newest series released this year. Honestly, the only reason I started watching it is because I'm a fan of Rachel Bilson since The O.C. (don't judge, I was a teenager!).
The show doesn't have the most original plot, in fact it's full of rom-com clichés and it's quite cheesy. But it's the kind of show I like to play in the background while I sew and it's pure eye candy.
The makeup and costumes of the female characters are always perfect; Rachel Bilson has an edgy, modern New York girl style, but my favorite is Lemon Breeland's wardrobe. She's a southern belle and she's always dressed very girly and vintage, as a contrast to Bilson's character.
Her hair and makeup are also worth mentioning, they're always to die for.



  1. Oh my, this is quite inspirational..... the wardrobe and hair do! tks for sharing this paunnet

  2. I've watched this whoa few times and just can't get into it (it relies too heavily on stereotypes of the "tough NYC chic" and "southern red neck" and "south belle" for my comfort. I DO love Lemon's clothing and hair though. I just wish the Jamie King of Pearl Harbor were in them instead of this version of her--she's so skeletal!

  3. @Tina
    I agree, there are some pretty annoying stereotypes, I watch it almost exclusively for the costumes. And you're right, Jaime King is so thin...

  4. Nice inspiration.