Wednesday, November 30, 2011

What about a sew-along?

In my post on the latest Burda issue, Jenb left a comment asking whether I was going to make the dress pictured above and she suggested that we could have a sew-along.
What do you think about it? Please leave a comment if you like the idea.
Since not everyone is a subscriber to Burdastyle magazine, we could wait until the digital patterns come out on (which will be in a few weeks, since the November patterns just came out).
As I told Jenb, I don't feel too confident to host a sew-along, but I'm sure we can help each other and learn from each other. That's an aspect I've always loved about sew-alongs.
What I'm thinking to do is to cover the main steps of the construction providing some visual help through photos. There already are some great sources on making a muslin and choosing fabrics, to which we can refer.
Also, if there's someone who would like to participate actively by writing posts to help me cover everything, please let me know.
I'm very curious to know what you think about this!


  1. che bella idea!!
    e il vestito è stupendo! io seguirei volentieri il tutto anche se non credo proprio che potrei darvi aiuti tecnici; è già tanto se riesco a combinare qualcosa :)

  2. Well I love this dress and would love to have more detailed instructions because we all know that the Burda instructions are always somewhat lacking! But, based on my pathetic attempts at joining in sew-alongs in the past, I don't think I would be able to participate...but would love it as a resource to follow if I ever do get around to making the dress!!!!

  3. I'm in! I was gonna make that dress anyway. I actually got that pattern halfway traced before I remembered that the magazine patterns don't include seam allowance. D'oh!

  4. i planned to make this dress.. dunno when i gonna have time for that, since i'm supposed to leave for new excavation in the matter of days.. so, not sure if i can participate in sew along, at least not in a way i'm supposed to.. dunno how helpful i can be, though.. i never ever make muslin, and am too lazy to take photos of my sewing process.. i guess all i can do is sew the dress, show you how it turned out, and chat a bit about my experience of making it?

  5. when i got my latest burda magazine copy this dress is really an eye candy for me. but the i have a problem with instructions in my burda mag since all in Polish..but would love to try this pattern.

  6. Oh wow, I don't subscribe to Burda magazine, but have bought it before. I've never actually taken the plunge to make something from it though. This dress is really superb! I would also love to sew it along with you and others, but I'm stuck for time at the moment (trying to finish writing my master's thesis, soon starting new job, 2 kids, etc... I haven't been getting much sewing done lately) I'll keep my eyes open for your sew-a-long though.Good idea!

  7. I would love to do a sew along with you, but empire waists and I are not best friends forever...but maybe a different pattern? I don't know, I love sew alongs, but this particular dress pattern might make me look pregnant, which is laughable, given just how single I am.

  8. I love this idea but it'd have to wait for the new year. I think guest posts or even a sew along blog tour would be so fun!

  9. Moi ça me dirait bien! Mais est-ce que tu peux m'expliquer le principe d'un sew-along, exactement? Je n'ai jamais fait... On la coud à plusieurs en parallèle en faisant des points réguliers sur la réalisation, c'est ça? On se donnerait une date précise pour la terminer?
    Je n'ai pas le tissu et j'ai plein de trucs à faire pour les cadeaux de Noël, donc je ne sais pas trop quand je pourrais m'y mettre, mais l'idée me tente énormément!

  10. What a gorgeous pattern! I don't know if I could keep the pace of a sew-along, but I would be interested regardless. =)

  11. I'm interested. I love this dress. What's the fabric requirements? I want to see if I already have something in my stash to use.

  12. I won't join in but I'll definitely follow your progress if you do it! I am as beginner as they come so I think I'll need to do a bit more sewing before I can tackle that dress!

  13. i love the idea! i always enjoy reading sew-alongs, even if i happened not to be able to join. i'd love it if you do it, to see the step by step instructions of the dress :)

  14. @Giulia
    Va benissimo, mi fa piacere che ti interessi!

    That's still great!

    Great! Hope you can still fix the pattern. Personally, I add the seam allowance when I cut the fabric.

  15. Hehe! Glad you liked my idea! I would definitely join in but December is crazy, as i try and handmake lots of presents, and i am sure that is the same for many of your followers. Could we do it in January, as a new years resolution...SEW MORE! We could break the pattern down into sections and do one a week or something, taking it slowly so people with limited time (me) and skill (also me) can keep up?? How exciting!! jen

  16. @mokosha
    don't worry, just showing the final dress with the rest of us would be plenty! <3

    we'd cover the most difficult steps in construction together, although I think that when the pattern come out on Burdastyle you can download the English instruction for free.

    Thanks, Emilie! The sew-along isn't going to start until January, anyway. Hope you can catch with us by then :)

  17. @strugglesewsastraightseam
    The dress seems quite fitted at the waist to me, but I understand if you don't like the style. The November issue had a similar dress in it, if you're interested.
    Do I sense a volunteer? :D I'm going to wait until January anyway, for the pattern to come out on Burdastyle!

    On va coudre en parallèle en s'aidant avec les passages les plus difficiles et avec les problèmes de "fit". On se donne une date pour terminer (d'habitude, un sew-along dure pendant trois semaines- un mois, comme ça tout le monde a temps pour finir). à la fin, tout le monde montre sa robe au meme temps.
    On va attendre janvier en tous cas, parce j'ai besoin de temps pour m'organiser et me préparer et parce que le patron doit encore sortir sur Burdastyle en version digitale (pour ceux qui n'ont pas le magazine en papier).
    Je serais trop heureuse si tu participait et peut être si tu arrivais à porter un peu de communauté française avec nous! <3

  18. @Meghan
    Thanks, Meghan!

    That's great! :D

    The magazine calls for between 2,5 and 3 metres of soft, drapey fabric. Hope there's something in your stash you can use!

  19. @HahaMissyMoo
    This is definitely an intermediate dress. I hope you can learn something useful :)

    Thanks, Chie! You can always join us later! :)

    You're a mine of good ideas! I definitely want to take it slow because I'll have very little time in January. We're going to wait until the pattern comes out on Burdastyle and we'll take it from there. I need some time to get prepared anyway!

  20. count me in!! I love this dress and so want to make it, it will be my first time joining a sew along so I'm really looking forward to it :)

    p.s I'm sure you'll do just fine hosting it.

  21. Ok, j'en suis! :-) J'en parlerais sur mon blog lorsque la date du top départ sera déterminée! Et début janvier me paraît parfait, j'aurais du temps pour trouver un joli tissu...

  22. Great I am definitely in, and will see if i can russle up some fellow sewers to have a go too then!! it will be great if we can all help each other and then see how differently wonderful they look at the end! I will search out some suitably gorgeous fabric as a christmas present to myself!! xx

  23. @CarrieOMG, that would explain why my muslin is way too short !
    I began yesterday to sew a muslin of this pattern and I am not very satisfied, some of the details I found cute are not that nice, so I will make some minor modifications to make it simple.

    When do you think you will begin your sew-along ? Can't wait to see your dress !

  24. @Paunnet
    Je n'avais pas réalisé qu'il y avait d'autres francophones ici :)
    Le sew along m'intéresse définitivement même si je prévois de coudre la robe pour Nouvel An. Je participerai au sew-along avec la blouse dans ce cas là. Et puis dans la foulée, je crois qu'il est temps de me lancer sur la blogosphère !

  25. I'd love to read sew-along posts since I was already planning on making this dress and those Burda instructions really are lacking, even in German.

  26. count me in too. I love this dress and need some detailed instructions to make it!!!