Friday, November 25, 2011

Scallop fever #3: More Scalloped Hem Shorts

A few days ago, I was a bit down and I felt the need to make something quick, that I could cut, sew and wear in an afternoon. So, to keep my hands busy, I brought to life an idea that had been in my head for some time: winter shorts!
I decided to go with a pattern that I had already tried, the Scalloped Hem Shorts from Pattern Runway. This time I cut them shorter (the original lenght of the pattern) and I must say they're nicer like this.

They turned out cute, didn't they? They're not the most flattering cut on a shape like mine, but I still like them very much. I used some super old wool that has been in my mother's stash for years, it's a houndstooth pattern in gold, blue, green and a little hint of burgundy. Very appropriate for Fall!
I don't have much else to say, I didn't even take detailed pics of the inside and everything else because in my restlessness, I didn't really put too much effort in finishing seams and stuff. These shorts are not perfect, but they were a great distraction.
Did it ever happen to you to feel the need to sew (or make) something withouth caring too much, just to keep your hands busy?

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  1. that's a nice fabric! many times i been on that feeling of wanting to do something to make my hands busy and don't care much if it will come out great when it comes to work quality just divert my mind from motherly responsibilities.

  2. great shorts anna.. it's exact opposite with me
    if i'm down
    and try to cheer my self up
    with sewing
    it's always a disaster
    i mess up pattern
    and mess up fabric
    and then leave it all
    and go to make some cookies instead

  3. @mokosha
    thanks! I was lucky this time, I mess up very often if I sew while I'm depressed. And I go bake chocolate cake, that never disappoints me :)

  4. Whenever I'm restless and looking for something to do, I turn to my crochet hooks. Sewing is still a mysterious beast to me so I need to be totally focused when I sit at my machine. These shorts are absolutely great though! I need to make so many things and these are not helping!

  5. I totally do this, I make little projects when I'm restless because I love the instant (read, four hour) gratification of starting and finishing one thing in one sitting. Lately I've been making gifts for the holidays, and I'm loving making men's ties for all my male relatives and friends. It's really quick and it uses almost no fabric. I found a free pattern online.

  6. I purchased this pattern after your last review and am hoping to make them soon. I also just made the playsuit pattern from Salme patterns. You can see it on my blog.

    I love watching your sewing!

  7. The shorts fit you so nicely! I was not feeling well Thursday and stayed home while my family celebrated Thanksgiving. I slept for several hours and then wanted to make something simple. I copied an online idea for an auto trash bag. Then, I played with my new serger and made a scarf. I wore it today!

  8. Darling. I think I'll help my daughter make a longer version for herself. Love the scalloped edge. Very original.

  9. At first glance I didn't notice they had a scalloped edge. They look really nice, what a great idea - winter shorts! I'll have to try making some for my daughter.

  10. I know that feeling of being down and needing to make something. The result is a cute pair of shorts that probably cant help but to make you feel happy when you wear them. Your photos are gorgeous and thanks for linking up!

  11. @strugglesewsastraightseam
    That's a great idea! I wish I had some silk laying around...

    I'm glad you liked it! :)

    @Anna Christina
    The fit is actually better in photos than in real life, but it's still nice.
    I'm sure your projects made you feel so much better!

    @Sew Country Chick
    Thank you for passing by!

  12. sewing can be a great distraction for when your feeling down.
    I love the scallop edges on the shorts and as long as your happy with them then it doesn't matter if they are not finished properly.

  13. Love the scalloped hems on the shorts. Would never have tought scallops on shorts would look good but this is fantastic. Might even make me want to wear shorts :)

  14. How cute! I love the scalloped edges.