Saturday, February 26, 2011

The best of the week + a thank you

Here are four links that I really really liked this week:

1. A great video tutorial from Fleur de Guerre on how to style your hair in Victory Rolls. I wish I was as good as her!
2. A very useful roundup at Colette's blog on seam finishes.
3. A beautiful romantic skirt by Johanna.
4. I really really loved this upcycled cardigan by Patty!

Plus, the other day in my mail:

The brooch I won at Nette's giveaway! Thanks Annette for the cutest brooch ever and for the chocolates (such a sweet thought ^_^). Unfortunately, the brooch didn't survive the trip in one piece, but I glued it together and it's good as new!

Have a great weekend, everyone!


  1. Oh no! I am so sad, that it broke. I tried to wrap it really good...sigh...well, I have another package clay left and I will definitely make you a new and more thicker one as soon as I open it for new projects. That might take some time, but it is a promise! So sorry about that! :(

  2. @nette
    Hey, it's not your fault, it was really well wrapped! Italian postal service is sadly known for being awful... Plus, it's still wearable and I love it, so no worries :)