Sunday, February 13, 2011

The best of the week

This week I didn't spend too much time in front of the computer. Well, I did, but not reading blogs.
I dedicated a lot of time to my shop and I created a Facebook page for it (more infos coming soon ^_^). Anyway, that took a lot of time, so I basically read my favorite blogs and just took a quick look to the others (and probably forgot to bookmark a lot of stuff).
Here are my favorite posts:

1. A stunning Valentine dress from Grosgrain. I'm always amazed by her skills and style.
2. A supercute outfit from L'atelier d'une fée.
3. A useful tutorial from The Crimson Owl involving chocolate... of course it's in my favorites!
4. A preview of Chie's beautiful spring mini collection at Vivat Veritas.
5. Another Valentine related tutorial, again at Grograin.
6. Iro Iro's new dresses; I adore this striped one, the strip at the hem is such a cute detail!

Have a great weekend!

Questa settimana ho passato poco tempo davanti al computer, o meglio, ne ho passato poco a leggere blog. Ho curato il mio negozietto e ho creato una pagina Facebook (presto qualche informazione in più), entrambe operazioni che mi hanno portato via moltissimo tempo. Perciò ho letto solo i miei blog preferiti e ho dato solo un'occhiata agli altri, dimenticandomi di segnarmi un sacco di cose da includere in questo post. Ad ogni modo, qui sopra trovate le foto e i link ai miei post preferiti.
Buon weekend!

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  1. wow thank you for including my dress! i am so honored!

    i love iroiro's new stripe dress as well, i think how she used the stripes for the skirt hem is so unique!