Friday, February 11, 2011

Homemade lip balm

Today's post is not sewing related, but I'm so enthousiastic about this project that I want to share it.
In the last few weeks my lips have been in bad shape and my chapstick seemed to never be enough. So when a few day ago, carlitadolce (an Italian Youtube channel about natural cosmetics that I love) posted a video on how to make a completely natural lip balm I decided to do it immediately. This is the tranlsation of the recipe for all the non-Italian speakers who are interested.

Ingredients for 100 g:
Phase A
20 g beeswax
45 g rice oil (or other natural oil)
5 g tocopherol (pure E vitamin)
5 g jojoba oil
Phase B
5 g glycerin
20 g honey

Put the ingredients of each phase in two separated glass containers (kitchen glasses work fine, just make sure they are clean and disinfected with alcohol). Heat the containers in a bain-marie until the beeswak melts.
Remove from bain-mairie and start pouring a few drops of phase B in phase A, then stir well with a glass or metal instrument (I used a whisk, don't use plastic or it will melt!).
Continue pouring phase B little by little, stirring thoroughly every time. Keep stirring until the emulsion gets cold and changes its thickness.
Put in your containers of choice and... voila, you're done!

I made half the quantity and filled three little jars, which will last me forever.
I LOVE this lipbalm. It lasts forever on my lips and I noticed that if i put lipstick on top of it, the lipstick lasts longer. It's not too glossy, so it's not too showy or annoying. My lips have never been so soft and moisturized!
Let me know if you try it!

Questo video di carlitadolce ha risolto il mio problema di labbra screpolatissime che avevo da un po'. Grazie, Carlita! Adoro il tuo balsamo labbra con tutta me stessa! Io ve lo consiglio, è molto semplice da fare, se volete saperne di più guardate il video:


  1. sono felicissima che tu mi segua e altrettanto contenta di aver scoperto il tuo blog, che da oggi seguirò anch'io!compliments!

  2. Grazie! è stato un piacere imbattermi nel tuo blog, adoro la rete per questi incontri fortuiti!