Sunday, March 13, 2011

Burda 04/2011 : my eyes hurt

Oh my God! So much ugly stuff in this upcoming issue... I'm starting to wonder WHY I got a subscription.
This magazine is taking a turn I really really don't like. Give us Anne Burda back!

And what is THIS?
I admit there are also a couple patterns that picked my interest, but nothing too fancy. It's mainly because I really want a shirt dress for this spring and because I like the romantic feel of the shoot. But I'm still shocked by the other montruosities.


  1. Mmmm hai ragione! Che brutti modelli! :( non li metterei mai!
    Mentre gli ultimi due mi piacciono molto, soprattutto il primo vestitino :)

  2. I absolutely agree with you! I subscribed recently, and for the last two magazines, I tell myself that I should not have ...
    Like you, I like models with flowers, but I like the fabric, the forms are not exceptional. Quick, quick, the next issue!

  3. hahahahaha it's been a while since I laughed so hard! What a mad issue! I struggled finding my picks for facebook Sewing and Style updates. This is horrendous. I might re-think my subscribtion for next year and go for Manequim instead ))))

  4. @Juliette Esper
    Since I saw it on your blog, Manequim appeals to me too, and a lot, especially when Burda comes out with these monstruosities... the problem is portoguese: I already have a hard time figuring out the instructions in Italian. Are the instructions on English Burda VERY complicated as well?