Thursday, March 17, 2011

Swing dress the REAL showing party

Yes, I kinda messed up last week: Casey had postponed the final party and I hadn't read about it. So, here are a couple more shots of my dress. I hope I'll be able to wear it without a cardigan and tights soon... After three days of non-stop rain, it's finally sunny today! :)
Even though I don't seem in a "party" mood, I really happy with my final dress and with the sew-along in general... I learned a lot! So thanks again, Casey!
Here is a list with all the other finished dress. Go check it out!

While I'm here writing, I want to wish a happy 150th birthday to Italy and all the best to my fellow Italians out there. Let's hope our country is going to be better soon!


  1. Great job! Love it with the cardigan.

  2. Hello!

    I found your blog through the sew along. Your dress turned out wonderfully! I like the way you've styled it here. I can't wait to try this pattern for myself soon.

    I wondered if you might tell me what brand of shoes you are wearing in these pictures? If I could find a way to get them in the US my feet would be so happy!! Thanks!

  3. @lmcbeth
    Hello to you and thank you so much for the compliments! :)
    The shoes are from a French brand called Pimkie which (I believe) is only available in Europe... Hope you can find something similar!

  4. Your dress is so cute, and I love the way you've styled it with shoes, tights, and cardigan. I'd like to figure out how to wear my vintage-style clothes with more modern accessories. Great job!

  5. I like your fabric choice. The way you styled your dress makes it look so current. What a great job you did. Looks very pretty on you.

    I'm enjoying looking at everyone's finished dresses.

  6. Your dress looks great! I love the fabric you choose and how youve put this outfit together.


  7. Beautiful!!! :) I simply adore the fabric you chose--and the dress looks gorgeous on you. :) Thank you so much for joining in the sew-along; I do hope I'll do another at some point this year! :)

    ♥ Casey

  8. I love your dress and love the way you've styled it, It looks great on you. x

  9. This is gorgeous! Looks like a really wearable version of the Swing dress.

  10. love your dress. And the shoes!!!!